A Long Journey Home - Judy Sweeney

There was something in the fresh outside air that, for me, appropriately blended with our keynote speaker's topic tonight. Our own member Judy Sweeney reminisces about an event that happened 36 years ago and was reported in the Sacramento Bee. Judy was a respiratory therapist with Sutter Hospital back then when a patient, a young lady, Lorna, 26 yrs old) suffered a terrible injury to her brain, a subarachnoid hemorrhage, and was in a coma for some months and the family wanted to fly her home to die to Rhode Island. 3 volunteers, 2 ICU nurses and 1 respiratory therapist, including Judy, took it upon themselves and defying protocol accompanied the patient on the long 5 hour trip. Not being accompanied by any doctor, but with specialized equipment and on a small private plane, they left at 9:00 in the morning. Judy's job was to make sure that the patient had an adequate amount of oxygen and to maintain respiration with the use of a manual respirator. It was a very cramped and arduous trip with each of the volunteers having to step over each other to perform their duties. When they arrived the patient's eyes opened surprising all.
They were met by a team of respiratory therapists and ICU nurses and doctors when they landed and were treated very well that night and traveled back the next day.
Judy said that the patient recovered completely, got married and has had a wonderful life. Nowadays, it probably would not be possible to carry out such a task because of insurance difficulties - but they did - and it was a wonderful accomplishment.
Our acting president, bell-less Jay Sedlak, assured Judy that a book, in honor of her presentation will be donated to the Carmichael library. 
some pictures from the evening
Acting President  Jay Sedlak A comfortable outdoor setting!
Nice pleasant evening meeting in the open air!