We were privileged to have Alana Mathews as our speaker today. She is a candidate for the office of District Attorney for Sacramento County. Alana revealed to us her interesting beginnings and successes, accomplished while raising three children. If you would like to learn more...click on "Read More" below: 
Alana was raised in the small city of Gary Indiana.  There is a famous song about it. Alana says the city was a high crime area. Lots of violence and commotion going on. Her uncle was murdered  and she saw violence in the streets. She, however, was an honor student and a girl scout and got to attend Indiana University in Bloomington which was a lot quieter place.
Later she moved to California and attended McGeorge Law School while raising 3 children – quite a feat. She was hired by Jan Scully at the Sacramento D.A.’s office and served 8 years as a Deputy District Attorney.
Alana resigned from the D.A.s office in 2005 to stay home with her growing children, but then she was appointed public advisor by Governor Jerry Brown and became involved with helping vulnerable communities, and addressing disparities.
She is a Rotarian and a member of the East Sacramento Club and lives in Elk Grove.
President Dick Bauer pleasantly surprised Alana, telling her that in “honor of her lecture”, a book will be donated to our local Carmichael Library, which is a subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library.
More information and pictures below:
(left to right) Program's Chair Walter Malhoski, Candidate Alana Mathews, President Dick Bauer
(left to right) Alana Mathews, Paul Shergil, Heine Roikjer, Dick Bauer