Often, you may not think about what good a thrift shop can do for the community as you pass by the Assistance League Center at 2751 Fulton Ave. in Folsom, but Mickey Mullen says that’s what they are about. She also says they’re one of the best kept secrets around.
The Assistance League was founded some 50 years ago. Mickey says they help to transform lives and strengthen our community. It is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with 120 chapters across the country with 285 volunteers In the Sacramento chapter alone.
You can donate your gifts of clothing, furniture, and other items to them and they help the community and 100% stay in Greater Sacramento. They benefit local crisis centers and the children’s receiving home. Mickey went on to talk about their many programs such as Operation School Bell, Bears, Clothes for Careers, Eyes right (preschool children are examined for amblyopia – lazy eye, which, if not treated can cause blindness in one eye), Fresh Start, Governor’s Mansion History, Kids on the Block, Operation School Bell, Reaching Out, Scholarships and Senior Friendship (yarn ladies using their skills to benefit people in crises).
Mickey mentioned that Kids on the Block go to schools and talk about “bullying” and their Scholarship program for needy community college students is $1500 and now they can apply again for another $2500.
Now Mickey’s compatriot (who also works at the thrift store) Betty Lou Beyer talked about the gift shop and said that they are known as the Nordstrom’s of the thrift retail shops.
The Assistance League purchased their building at 2751 Fulton and have partnerships with commercial retail stores, especially with Talbots. Mary passed out coupons in which you get 25% off most everything in the store. There are fabulous finds on Fulton!
You can shop at their store, you can volunteer to work at the store, you can gift items to them, and you can donate to their organization.
President Greg thanked both ladies, Betty and Mickey, for their wonderfully informative presentation and noted that, in saying “thank you” a book in their names will be donated to the Carmichael Library (Sacramento Public Library).