We were lucky to have Jay Boatwright tell us about his passion – making beer. We were doubly lucky because he brought samples of his products for us to taste.
Jay was exposed to beer way back from his father who used to brew it, then wife Vicky bought him a “beer making kit” as a present and he was off to the races. Jay gave a slide show of the intricacies of the beer making process (quite complicated) whilst we tasted 5 different beers.
They were:
  • Pale Ale (it was good)
  • Another Pale Ale (it was better)
  • Raspberry Wheat (his daughter likes this beer)
  • New England IRA (It was best yet)
  • Imperial Oatmeal Stout ( thought it the best – it had a richer, heavier flavor and darker color)
President Greg thanked Jay for his tasty presentation and noted that he deserved, in his name, a book to be donated to the Carmichael library.