Have you ever wanted to identify the sounds that come from birds in your back yard. I've been curious about the species of birds in my environment for years. We are fortunate today to have an expert who will identify those bird songs for us. : Rich Howard is a native Californian and 30+-year Carmichael resident whose love of birds and nature has taken him to all seven continents. After retiring as an environmental scientist in 2013, he visited Effie Yeaw Nature Center nearly every week until the pandemic hit. He offers classes for adults at Effie Yeaw in Beginning Birding and in a bird watcher’s website and app called eBird.
His presentation introduced the songs and calls of some Carmichael birds and discusses the general subject of bird vocalizations. The purpose is to give residents an appreciation of the sounds that are all around us but may not have been noticed, and to enhance the enjoyment of the common yet extraordinary creatures that share our environment.
Above: Richard gave the sources of the information to be presented. Below: How birds are identified and voice recreated by spectrograms.
He also produced pictures of many birds along with their sounds.
We got to hear the songs of an array of local birds. The Yellow-billed Magpie, American Crow, Anna's Hummingbird, Oak Titmouse, Mallard Duck, Canada Goose, Mourning Dove, Bushtit, California Scrub Jay and the Northern Mockingbird. 
Above is a photo of the interesting grouping of the European Starling as they fly in flocks, mimicking what we see in schools of fishes.
If you want to see a very interesting website that shows species of birds around the world together with recordings of their sounds 
go to: