Diagnosed when he was not even a year old, Bob Mutchler of Folsom understands firsthand how life-altering polio can be. Yet he and his family refused to let the challenges of this debilitating disease affect his future. Bob knows from his own experiences exactly what a “world without polio” can mean to children and families.
Bob joined Rotary in 1970 and around that time was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome, being told he had only two more productive years. Bob immediately bought a motorcycle and rode about 7,000 miles in 7 days.
In 1998, Bob became famous for motorcycling the 48 contiguous states in America to raise awareness of Polio Plus. He managed to wrangle a page and a half spread in The Washington Post for his efforts with Rotary. Bob ultimately cycled to Newfoundland and was responsible for raising $1.5 million for Rotary Plus and has also traveled to Africa to help immunize children.
Bob’s fascinating biography was published in 2014, entitled “From Iron Lung to Iron Butt – Riding Polio into History” and can be found on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle version.