Scott Young came to tell us about a chapter of the Carmichael HART (Homeless Assistance Resource Team) which was formed 3 years ago in Carmichael. They have no paid employees and are a 501-c-3 organization. They are all local people, specific to Carmichael and provide help for the homeless as follows:
Winter Sanctuary is a 9 weeks program to house 30 adult men and women in various local churches. They can spend the night, have breakfast and go on with their day. It is also a way to get to know homeless people and find out about their problems. HART works with other organizations that help – like Mercy Hospital and give clothing and toiletries to homeless people. In December through March, 114 people stayed in the shelters, 35% were females, 35% were 51 years old or older. HART has also been able to put 8 individuals into houses (usually they have had about a dozen every winter). It seems that the fastest growing demographic is senior citizens and second fastest is growing families.
Youth Committees help families and students who are living out of cars, motels, a friend’s home, and help transition them to a more stable environment. It is estimated that out of 40,000 students in the Sacramento area, that 3,600 are living in virtual homelessness. They are given toiletries and access to a local food closet. One program is to assign a volunteer to become a “student buddy” and have lunch with an “at risk” student, once a week to bond and get to know his or her needs.
Transitional House – housing program, where a house is bought, perhaps one that is just about to be bulldozed, and is fixed up and used to house people. One example is Charlotte House which houses four women, with a house leader and overseen by a professional case worker, hoping to help stabilize their lives and get them into a more sustainable live style. Now HART is working on a second transitional house for homeless men.
Scott said that homeless people mostly do not migrate from one place to another, but are local people with connections to their community who just get into desperate situations.
He also mentioned that many people have gone through abusive relationships in group homes and don’t see a good option to get off the streets.
HART has meetings every three weeks and you are welcome to attend and become part of the solution for this difficult problem in our community in Carmichael.
Go to: to find more information.
Acting President Greg Herrera stated that Carmichael HART is one program that we, as Rotarians, can get behind, and is appropriate since it involves our local community. President Greg ended with the good news that in honor of Scott’s informative presentation, we will donate a book to the Carmichael library (subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library)
Acting President Greg Herrera and Guest Scott Young