Mike Blondino, District Administrator with the Carmichael Recreation and Park District has been in the recreation and park business for over thirty years and has done many great things, lately he has been involved with Carmichael Park. We remember him for the project that our Club participated with Carmichael Parks, "Kids Hang Out", and gave a large financial donation and helped paint the floors, walls, and other help in the renovation. Mike said "thanks" for the project and that the Park District could not have done it without Carmichael Rotary's help. Right now because of the closure of the Parks due to COVID-19, almost all activities have been canceled. However the Park employees are keeping busy renovating things, preparing for when the Parks open again so that they will be as good or better than before.  
Two activities continue in virtual format, telling the story of "Charlie the Fish" and Sharon Ruffner's virtual Yoga Class on Facebook live. In the future there may be more classes online. They also celebrated Easter even though closed. Sharon who was a virtual guest at the presentation said emphatically that "Good times are going to happen again." They are planning for new staffing and to merge the 4 Bocce-ball courts into one, and manicuring the "Canine Corral"- off leash dog park and art supply packages are to be distributed thanks to a generous donation from the Carmichael Parks Foundation starting next week through 2 San Juan Schools who have a lunch program.
I could tell (even in virtuality) that Mike was impressed by the fact that our Club is donating a book, in his honor of his presentation to the Carmichael Library (Subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library.