The demotion of President Greg Herrera was staged in contemporary context, giving attention to the political happenings of our day, we impeached Greg for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”.

The principal actors in the skit were Judge Mark Urban, Prosecutors Phil Danz & David Thorman, Defense Attorney Dick Bauer and, of course, the accused Greg Herrera.
We thought it was a hilarious skit, with the central theme centering around Greg’s unabashed infatuation with toilets.
At the end of the skit, it was decided that President Greg could not be impeached because he was never sworn in and therefore was illegitimate. I think Jay Boatwright took a video of the whole skit and it is bouncing around the internet (maybe on our Club’s Facebook page). We certainly thank Greg who led us through another very successful Rotary year….
After thanking his Board and all members for the great year of accomplishment, President Greg introduced the new incoming president Vicky Boatwright, the first woman president in the 71 years of the Club’s existence.
Vicky gave us the new Rotary International theme, “Rotary Connects the World” and was legally sworn in by prestigious long time Rotarian, Chuck McBride. Vicky introduced her new Board (photo’s below) and gave a few announcements of upcoming events.
Now Rotary turns itself over to new leadership, Rotary International President Mark Daniel Maloney, 5180 District Governor Ray Ward, and, of course, our own new Carmichael Club president Vicky Boatwright. More about this in our next Edition….