We did it again!
December 21& 22, 2016, will be remembered as another successful Christmas Baskets event which started a while back (few months) with the procuring of apple boxes, and then assembling the food and the delivering of them to needy families in the Carmichael area and beyond. I am told by the “God Father”, Jim Thompson that the Christmas Baskets project goes back to 1948 when our Club was founded and has been a continuous event. So, in continuing with our tradition, the 40 or so volunteers assembled & delivered the baskets to around 100 families......
Kudos must be given to our special Carmichael Interact Club of Del Campo High School who amassed much of the needed can goods and to Del Dayo Elementary School and WinCo Foods on Greenback Ave.
Also thanks should be given to the friends and spouses of our Rotarians and a special thanks to the two Passport Rotarians, Jim Quinney and Jan Valine, volunteers who diligently worked right along with us.
Also, a special thanks should be given to Mark & Monica’s Family Pizza (http://www.markandmonicaspizza.com) 4751 Manzanita Ave, Carmichael, (916) 487-1010, who donated their delicious pizza’s on both days for our sustenance while we worked.
•  (left) are Jim Quinney and Jan Valine,
both volunteers from the Passport Club.
• (above) many of the people who
participated & the great pizza that was
• (below) pics of workers filling baskets and
a partial picture of the group with Walter 
             Malhoski's daughter, third from left.
          • Below left is Grandma Plath and her grandson Andrew