Slowly, over the course of a year, the Crab Feed Project took shape, but not without some difficulties. Just a few months before the event, a new leader needed to take charge, so Walter Malhoski reluctantly stepped up as Chairperson of the event.

ImageWalter’s enthusiasm, along with the physical capital of the Club (new words for people power), members who, long experienced with Crab Feeds, and endowed with skills deeply imbedded, some 32 members and with a dozen or so “friends of Rotary” worked tirelessly, not only in the planning and selling of tickets, but also in the execution of the project.

And the execution had to be there because it was a sell-out with upwards of 375 people at the La Sierra Community Center in Carmichael. On the day of the Crab Feed, February 1, 2014, many worked from noon to 10:30 at night at any job that was needed to help things to go smoothly.

ImageAt the podium a great DJ, the Sundance Kid, Blaine Davis, spun music, danced and frolicked the night away as Ed Bunting, along with help fromImage Eric Steward, oversaw the auction, both live and silent, of the various items graciously donated to the Club. Vicky Boatwright (with others) ran the “Dessert Auction” and numerous others of us helped with the set-up, running the ticket sales, wine, bar and tear-down of the bar, tables etc.

In the kitchen, Jeff Thompson, a food professional, oversaw the heating and making of the soup (clam chowder), the salad (mm-good), and the pasta (rigatoni) which was immersed in a secret sauce, whose recipe had been handed down from Tony Marques’ Portuguese grandmother. The crab also was excellent and with, of course, wonderful desserts.             

ImageWe must give thanks to the boy and girl scouts, who helped with the set up of the tables in the afternoon, and, in the evening, the Jesuit High School Baseball team (Coached by the famous Joe Potulny) who served the food, cheerfully sold an abundance of raffle tickets, and helped with the break down and final cleaning. 

Last but not least, we are grateful for those Rancho Cordova Rotarians who helped in the kitchen and in other areas. 

AND FINALLY to all those Rotarians who sold so many tickets to the event. 

This endeavor, the Crab Feed, involved the whole Club completely. I’m sure, we took in a very good profit that will be used to fund our numerous charities. 

As you can see from the photos dispersed through this story and below, it was a great night and a fun time.



President David Thorman (right)
with Chairperson Walter Malhoski (left)













                          Working in the kitchen!