Vicky Boatwright was the master mind of this year's crab feed. She decided to get the Club together soon after the event so that we would critique it while it is still fresh in our minds.
Vicky led us through each phase of the event and elicited opinions from the various chairs and all who contributed to the event. By the way, it was a very successful event since the preliminary figures show the making of a couple thousand more dollars than last year which was probably our most successful one at that date.
The Jesuits baseball team made $1400 for themselves and was excellently organized by their coach Joe Potulny. You may know he's been coach for the baseball team for 30 years! The booklet that Bill Donnoe created was great (everyone agreed) and the sponsorship was double what was last year.
Phil Danz and Jane Lampard reported that there were 24 desserts and they all sold. The average price they got was double the minimum bid, averaging a little over $50 per cake.
Everyone agreed that Blaine Davis (the Sundance Kid) was excellent and he used his own microphone which was better than the standard one there. He ran the live auction, the music, and the dancing which was terrific.
Other activities were discussed, the bar went great - efficient. Jeff Thompson thought the food went out smoothly.
Jane did a great job on the decorating with the balloons - a woman's touch. The PowerPoint display that Dick Bauer put together was great and showed what great things the Club does during the year and because it was right in front, people did not miss it. Also, the live auction items on screen synchronized nicely with the slide show. 
Vicky mentioned that a certificate for the soccer package was given out to Tom Russell, the winner, but was not given the signed soccer ball. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him?
Now came the fun part, there was left over wine and spirits that the assemblage could buy at special prices. They were sold rapidly. The few bottles of wine left over will be given as extra prizes when we do out raffle. Selling these leftovers added to our profit for the Crab Feed.
Because the meeting went a little long, there was no "Happy Thought" program, but President elect-elect Doug Haaland filled the spot by BONGING THE GONG for 100 smackers!