District 5180 - Desiree Wilson
Our club welcomed D.G. Desiree Wilson with the warm feelings that you have for an old friend. She was a wonderful A.G. assigned to our Club inn recent years and we have many pleasant memories of her friendly support of our projects. She just came from our Carmichael Board meeting and was impressed with the important number of projects that we do.
We now have a new Rotary International President, Shekhar Mehta, of the Rotary Club of  Calcutta-Mahanagar, West Bengel, India. RI's theme this year is "Serve to Change Lives". The goals for this year see below:  
Desiree said that our Club's should ask members to do things, get new and old members involved. She said that she had many good memories in her years of service to Rotary. For instance, Desiree had the opportunity to travel to India and participated in the immunization project for Polio+ . She got to put drops into the mouths of children there - a heart-warming experience. She also got to participate in a 100 mile ride to "End Polio" which raised $50,000 for Polio+. Do you know that there have been only two cases of polio so far this year - in Afghanistan - a record - we are very very close to polio's eradication. The bike race will occur next year again (November 20, 2022) and if you donate $100, it will be matched 100% by the District and 50% by Rotary International and then by the Melinda Gates Foundation on a 2-1 basis - this means that your $100 will equal $750. Desiree mentioned the new Polio+ monopoly game that's coming as a fund raiser for Polio+, and our Club has agreed to buy Marvin Gardens. It's going to be fun folks! Why don't you become a member of the Polio+ Society for $100.00 per year. Monopoly game and Ride to End Polio graphic and info below.
Desiree mentioned that our District Conference is at the Montblue Resort and Spa, South Lake Tahoe. We will hear from some very interesting speakers, Adrienne Bankert, formerly from KCRA, Channel 3, and "Good Morning America, Father Boyle of Homeboy Industries, and Wade Nomura, P.D.G. for District 5240. Should be very inspiring. See picture below Right. Picture Left below: District Governor Desiree Wilson gave Phil Danz, the distinctive title of Superhero
for his hard work taking notes and the writing of an excellent bulletin.
Then came the most pleasant of duty for a District Governor - to induct a new member.
In this case, a special new member, Pres. Dick's wife Kari Bauer. 
Kari Bauer is a graduate in Zoology from UC Berkeley and a retired registered critical care nurse at UC Davis, She is a fifth generation Californian and had 3 ancestors on the Mayflower. Kari is a longtime volunteer with the Effie Yeaw Nature Center and recently has been active in several groups concerned with global climate change and what can be done to protect the planet for future generations.. She enjoys many outdoor activities including birding, scuba diving and hiking; dabbling in the arts such as photography, watercolor painting and quilting; and spending time with family and her 7 year old Pomeranian, Taffy. She has been married for 54 years and has 2 children and four grandchildren. Welcome Kari.
President Dick thanked our A.G. Leigh Ann Reinero for helping Desiree with her presentation and presented her with a book on Carmichael and Wine. He also presented Desiree with a most beautiful and perfectly fitting Stetson hat. Picture below of Desiree and her new hat.
District Governor Desiree Wilson (with her new hat), New Member Kari Bauer, Assistant Governor Leigh Ann Reinero, President Dick Bauer
*CHANGE FOR CASH: Just a note that Chuck McBride brought in a "change jar" for people to put their spare change in - the Danz's brought their own change jar from home and contributed mightily to the cause - ALL FOR POLIO+.