the effie yeaw nature fest 

We Carmichael Rotarians and friends, on Saturday, October 8, 2017 accomplished one of our most enjoyable service events, namely, manning a Rotary Food Court and the Effie Yeaw Nature Fest. Early in the morning we set up our food court tent and got the kitchen ready, all under the watchful eye of our professional food guru, Jeff Thompson. We served big soft pretzels, nachos with cheese and/or Jalapenos, lemonade, hot dogs, and tasty Caesars salad with or without chicken. Perhaps 25 or more Rotarians and friends participated in all aspects of the event, that consisted of food preparation and cooking and running the food down to the food court (about 200 feet away). We were busy as bees. The event went on from 9:30 in the morning to after 3 p.m.
What was most enjoyable was seeing the many wonderful parents and young children (I’m told over a thousand), enjoying themselves and learning a about nature and the many wild creatures that live in our area.
some pics