Former District Attorney Jan Scully gave a very comprehensive presentation on the soon to open Family Justice Center being developed by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office and Sacramento State’s College of Health and Human Services.
She explained that the Center will bring together forty agencies to help victims of domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse and child trafficking.  Currently victims must go to each of the forty agencies to get help and support which is arduous and discouraging.
She talked about the difficulties of breaking the cycle of abuse.  Victims become totally dependent on their abuser and once there is intervention tend to not follow through with charges, letting the abuser go free.  The abused then return to their abusive circumstances and the cycle continues.
By having a safe haven where active support is available, the abused will have a better chance early intervention, of getting their life together and following through on charges against the abuser.  There will be a focus on children, hoping to break the abuse cycle.
While the community will be the center’s primary beneficiary, Sacramento State instructors and students also will benefit through opportunities for faculty research, student internships and community service.
Funding for the Center will be provided by local governments, federal and state governments, a foundation and grants. 
The Family Justice Center will be a place free from violence, restoring hope and allowing families to thrive.
Additional information on the Center can be obtained at
President Ed Bunting mentioned to Jan that, "in honor of her lecture", a book in her name will be donated to the Carmichael Library.
 (the above notes were taken by David Thorman)
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(left above) New Member Ken Saunders
(above)  Ed Bunting & Jan Scully
(left) Ken Saunders, Mo Browning, Shyama and Paris Chakroborty