Carmichael Rotary Foundation Awards Banquet
"We are so delighted to have all of you join us tonight. The primary purpose of this celebration is to highlight an important aspect of the club. That aspect is the club’s charitable contributions to our local community, the district and the world. In addition, we recognize the members who have gone to the next level in the Paul Harris Fellowship and the newly formed Jim Thompson Fellowship Society. This is a wonderful venue (Northridge Country Club) for this special event and we hope you enjoy yourselves and get to know each other a little better" - Mark Beil, Foundation Chairperson. See "Read More" for more information...
Notables at Banquet: President Dick Bauer, District Governor Desiree Wilson, Foundation Chair Mark Beil, District Foundation Chair Joe Scheimer
 Mark said that he was honored to take over as Club Foundation Chair from Chuck McBride, who had held the position from 2017 through 2021. Chuck had a passion for The Rotary Foundation and he made a point of sharing that passion for the RI Foundation and eradicating Polio at just about every Rotary meeting. He paved a highway wide and smooth for me to follow. Chuck is not here tonight, but wants to give everyone his love.
After taking over as Foundation Chair, Mark discovered that there is so much more than he had realized in accepting the position. For one, he discovered that the District, which is made up of 37 clubs covering 7 counties in Northern California, plays a vital role in supporting the charitable activities of the Club.                                                  
Another thing he learned is that our District 5180 has a Foundation Committee and my-oh-my, there are about 15 persons chairing various activities. Some of those activities are Rotary Peace Fellowships, District Scholarships, Global Grants, International Service, District Grants, PolioPlus Society, Major Donors, Endowment, Legacy Giving, Stewardship, Paul Harris, District Foundation Dinner and a Treasurer to keep track of the money. Mark went into a lengthy but interesting story about the history of the founding of the Carmichael Rotary Foundation. I have put it at the very end of this article because of it's length.
The Rotary International Awards - Paul Harris Fellows
Tonight we have 5 Rotarians who have achieved the next level of recognition. The first is Richard Plath achieving PH+2. He was unable to join us tonight. Second is Walter Malhoski receiving his PHF+3.  George Abraham receiving his PHF+4. Stan Roe receiving his PHF+5. Vincent Iosso come  receiving his PH+8. PH+8 is the highest level for receiving a Pin Recognition.                                                                                                         
Another level of giving is called the Paul Harris Society and Rotary Club of Carmichael has five members in the Paul Harris Society. These are Rotary members and friends who elect to contribute $1,000 or more each year. The purpose of the Paul Harris Society is to honor and thank individuals for their generous, ongoing support and those five members are Dick Bauer, Jay Boatwright, Vicky Boatwright, Ed Bunting and Vincent Iosso
The Carmichael Rotary Foundation contributes $2,000 to The Rotary Foundation in the name of two persons in the Club. $1,000 goes to a person the Club Members Nominate and a second $1,000 goes to a person the Club President nominates. President Dick Bauer  will recognize these members, In addition to the recognition to a member for points transferred. Dick presented PHFs to Vicky BoatwrightStan Roe PH+6 and, in addition he had a surprise in that he gave Phil Danz PH+7 an additional PHF! 
                               Carmichael Foundation Jim Thompson Fellow Awards 
The Carmichael Rotary Foundation Chair Stan Roe recognized members who have achieved Jim Thompson Fellowship status. They are Dick Bauer, Vicky Boatwright, and an anonymous person. See photos below:                                                                                                                                                                                                  
left to right: Four Paul Harris awardees: Walter Malhoski, George Abraham, Stan Roe, Vincent Iosso  
Foundation Chairperson Stan Roe presents Dick Bauer with a Jim Thompson Fellow Award, wife Kari (right)
Left to right - Paul Harris Society Members: Vince Iosso, Ed Bunting, Dick Bauer, Vicky and Jay Boatwright 
Foundation Chair Mark Beil, President Dick Bauer, and PHF recipient Phil Danz
They say there are three traits of perfection in an enlightened person. Those traits in a person are 1. Being Charitable, giving, compassionate and showing empathy, 2. Knowing and Living an ethical and moral life and 3. Having patience. It has been awesome to be among such perfect people tonight and I appreciate your patience with me.
History of the Carmichael Foundation:
I thought I would share a little bit about the History and Formation of the Carmichael Foundation. If my memory is correct, there had been discussions regarding the value to having a 501c(3) charitable organization set up starting in 2012, 2013 through 2015. The Rotary Club of Carmichael was a not for profit 501c(4) civic league and social welfare organization and contributions to the Club were not tax deductible. By not having the benefit of allowing for tax deductible contributions, it made it difficult to raise money from corporate donors and individuals who may want to contribute larger sums of money for special projects, our Crab Feed and the Golf Tournament.
There was significant opposition in the Club to forming a separate 501c(3) corporation by some fairly influential members, because this would mean that we would have two corporations with two separate Boards of Directors and Executive Officers. Part of the reason for the opposition was that the Club had failed to comply with the tax and information reporting requirements for the one corporation for several years in the past that had resulted in significant penalties assessed totaling around $6,000 by the IRS and California, although after a great deal of work and negotiations these penalties were eventually forgiven. They felt the Club had enough responsibility managing the one corporation, let alone try to find volunteers to hold offices and comply with the tax reporting requirements for two corporations.
Ed Bunting was president of the Club for the 2015 – 2016 year. He and a few other members of the Club decided to initiate the process of setting up the 501c(3) corporation called “Carmichael Rotary Foundation.” But, in order to do that we had to write our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and First Minutes of the Corporation, establish a Board of Directors and elect Officers, and there was no money to pay an attorney to help us with those activities. So how are we going to get this job accomplished? And that was only the establishment of the corporation, we still had to file applications with the IRS, CA FTB, Sec of State and Attorney General’s Office to get our exempt status as a 501c(3) organization.
I bought a book called “How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation in California.” It seemed to be of little help for what we wanted to do. So, I was given names of persons at Rotary Clubs in our district to contact to get information on their foundations. To my surprise, East Sacramento Rotary Foundation, Point West Rotary Foundation and others sent me copies of their Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Memorandum of Understanding between the Club and the Foundation. It is so amazing how the Rotary Clubs work together to help each other. With that information, we formed the corporation in December 2015, filed with the IRS for exempt status Jan 25, 2016, received our Determination Letter from IRS on Feb 4, 2016, confirmed registration with CA Department of Justice 3/3/2016, received Exempt Acknowledgement Letter form CA FTB on 8/01/2016 and we were off and running as a 501c(3) organization.
We had filed with the expectations that we would not raise more than $50,000 in charitable contributions in any given year and we did not expected to raise more than $20 to $30,000. And then in February 2017, Richard Olebe joined the Club and started work in June 15, 2017 on the “Clean Water for Loyola, Uganda Project” between the Tororo Rotary Club, Uganda and the Rotary Club of Carmichael and completed in 2020. This project was supported by a team of Carmichael Rotarians, District 5180, local Rotary sister clubs and Rotary International for total of about $200,000 to provide clean water for over 10,000 people for the villagers in Loyola Subcounty of Tororo District of Uganda. What a miracle it is!!! There was a group of Rotarians who traveled to Uganda and visited the water wells. Who could have imagined in such a short period of time Rotary Club of Carmichael could make such a great difference in the world, let alone the lives we changed with District directed funds in our community, such as, 1. A Van where The Arden Arcade, Point West and Carmichael Rotary Clubs have gone together to buy a 15 passenger van for use by Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District, Fulton-El Camino Park Recreation and Park District, and the Sheriff’s Community Impact Program, 2. Del Campo Community Service matching grant, 3. Del Campo Vocational Scholarship matching grant, 4. Effie Yeaw signs project, 5. Tables and Benches in Carmichael Park, 6. Remodel and landscaping at Veterans’ Hall in Carmichael Park and 7. we have prospective project in partnership with District 5180 to build new bleachers at La Sierra Baseball Park.