Diana Cralle had been involved with the purveyance of Tupperware for 40 years and knows what it is like to develop a team and grow. Jim and Diana grew to the top of the organization and needed to attract more men into Tupperware. Now they are involved with Rotary and helping to increase numbers of women – It is important to “Share Opportunity”.

First, husband Jim joined  the Rotary Club of Fair Oaks and Diana noticed that there were mostly men in their Club – then they became involved with the Chamber of Commerce. Jim became president of the Club. Diana waited for Jim to invite her to join Rotary and she did join during his year. Diana’s advice is for men to invite their wives to join. When more women are in your Club, then they will attract more women to join.
The Fair Oaks Club have an associate membership category which is not full membership and does not count towards attendance but then after a time they can become full members. Jim was president, the Club brought in 26 members! So the year that One half of the associate members became regular members.
Diana went on to outline some of the elements that helped the Fair Oaks Club to grow abundantly in the last few years.
The Fair Oaks meeting place used to be in the basement and was cozy but crowded. Upon renovation they were forced to meet upstairs in a more spacious room. New members flocked to fill the space – so a change of venue helped them.
The Fair Oaks Club has had a booth at the Thursday night “Concerts in the Park” for many years. Booth members would invite people to the booth and they would give “Raffle Prizes” (like for a bottle of wine) and encourage people attending the concert to fill out slips asking “Would you like to join Rotary?”,  people did fill out the slips and then the Club would follow up and contact them. Diana’s advice is “Do vendor events”! Have both a man and a woman there. Have drawings and “Ask me about Rotary” buttons, and business cards.
Fair Oaks has started a corporate membership and a partnership with the “Chamber”. You can join with one real person and have up to 5 representatives come to the meeting in your stead.
Log in the names of your guests and follow up with them “Asking them back to Rotary”. Give them the opportunity to get involved with their community – invite people and let them decide. As a symbol of sharing, Diana brought some chocolate cake which everyone enjoyed.
Diana ended by saying that membership is everyone’s job – form a committee and have on the committee the President-elect, Secretary, and long time members.
President Greg thanked Diana for a great presentation and sharing with us her knowledge and giving us inspiration about how to bring in more women members. In her honor, we are donating a book to the Carmichael Library (Sacramento Public Library).