Communication is where love arises from and speaking truth
and listening authentically are the science of that love.
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Dr. Fred Moss was born in March 1958 and now for 6 decades, he has brought healing to the world around him, family, friends, community and world at large. In 1988, he graduated from Northwestern University Medical School went on to be a psychiatrist.
Dr. Moss spoke about people who spend their whole lives never speaking out, who are not heard, and never will be known. Your true voice is powerful and can do many great things when expressed. Why is it so difficult? People are afraid to step out – afraid of what people may say about them.
He is committed to the notion that communication, connecting creativity and conversation are at the heart of healing of all conditions of all types, without this, people simply do not heal. Dr. Moss is uniquely qualified to remind all of us what we already know.
Dr. Moss’s therapy is to replace drugs with art, music, dancing etc – and to learn to speak authentically and to love yourself – find your true voice.
Go to the website: and you will find much information and a book he can send you.
Dr. Moss provided a questionnaire to be filled out which was given to the audience.                                                                              Also, there are other topics which Dr. Moss can speak, namely:
“You’re not mentally ill, you are human (and so are they!)                                                                                                                      “Global Madness – What must we do to unite?”                                                                                                                                    “The sound of listening”                                                                                                                                                            “Authenticity: Using your fear as a tool to become even more genuine”                                                                                                “On Being ’the Undoctor’ – Healing Through Un-diagnosing, un-medicating, and then Un-doctor-nating.
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