Our friend from Uganda, Rotarian Samson Egesa gave us a most interesting program about one of our most successful projects, the Iyolwa Clean Water project. Samson was going to visit us in California in June, 2020, but because of COVID-19, he had to cancel his trip. However, he came to us via Zoom all the way from Uganda (later evening here and very early morning there).
Richard Bauer introduced Samson: Samson has been a Rotarian for eight years and has the classification of Hospitality management services. In this short time he has served in many positions in the Rotary Club of Tororo, Chair of Youth Service, Secretary, and President. He is married with two kids, daughter and son, 7 and a one and a half years respectively. Samson says “Rotary has given me opportunity to do more with my life than I would have ever imagined”
Because I have copies of his slide show, I have produced it below with just a few comments. It is self-explanatory. 
President Vicky delighted Samson by informing him that a book, in honor of his presentation, will be donated to our local Carmichael library (subsidiary to the Sacramento Public Library). We hope that, in the near future, when the time is right, that Samson will come visit us so that we can return the hospitality to him that he and members of his Club gave to us when some of us visited over there!