Meet Steve Ehnke, cook extraordinaire for “The Main Event” and for the Carmichael Rotary Club Tuesday night meetings.   With the teamwork of Steve, Jason, William, Jim, and Graham, our palates are definitely pleased. 


It all started for Steve at age 8 in his mother’s kitchen where he got his hands in the making of dishes for the family.  “Always wanted to be a cook!”  he says and did just that.  He started as a dishwasher in a small restaurant at the age of 17.  From there he went to Round Table Pizza; on to El Dorado Hills Strings where he worked as line cook and moved up to Kitchen Manager.  From there on to the Sacramento Brewery.


Steve explained to me the stress in this type of work.  The competition runs very strong with those who are serious, and the hours are really tough…sixty hour weeks and more. This would explain why at this point he decided to take a 3 year hiatus.  A do-nothing time he called it.  Then the money ran out as it always does. 


Being hard at this point to get back into the work force, he decided to go back to school and studied for a year at Le Cordon Bleu here in Sacramento. When the course was completed, he was hired at the Ambience here in Carmichael. 


After leaving the Ambience, within 3 days he was hired at the Main Event.  That was 3 years ago.  Steve pointed out how all the stress vanished and they all work together like family…as a matter of fact, he called them his family. 


He loves the idea that he can plan our meals using the skills he has learned along the way and the opportunity to use his imagination planning our meals. He truly enjoys being out of the lime-lite in the kitchen where he is most comfortable. 


For fun and relaxation he enjoys an occasional round of golf with friends and definitely his video games.  I invited him to spend a little bit of his spare time with us as a guest some time.  Nice guy!


Don’t forget to tell Steve how much you enjoy his meals.  He doesn’t ask it, but definitely deserves it.

Reporter for the Nugget: Judy Sweeney