Project Life Long - Sean La Tour-Jarquin
Project Lifelong  Presenter: Sean LaTour-Jarquin - Sean LaTour-Jarquin is a thirty-three  year-old Sacramento resident with a passion      to empower children  through non-traditional enrichment programs. He graduated from El Camino High School in 2006 and was born and raised in Carmichael.  In 2014, Sean obtained his bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in education and  mathematics as well as a minor in Human Movement from California State University, Monterey Bay. Mr. LaTour-Jarquin’s college senior project examines the positive effects in creating scholastic  skateboarding programs among implementing other alternative sports. His research produces an analysis that focuses on the    positive social/emotional benefits of traditional sports and how a similar platform for positive adult mentoring and leadership can exist within a youth skateboarding program. Upon graduation, Sean received a grant from the Sheriff’s Community Impact Program, funding his first pilot  summer program; this program would become known as Project Lifelong. After seven years of building this program, Project Lifelong became a 501c3 in 2021.
Sean told us of his passion to bring the benefits of children who do alternative sports or activities commensurate with those who do "traditional sports" which are offered in schools throughout our country. He  has support from  Carmichael Park and schools in the area to allow his "Skate boarding" program to their venues. He showed a wonderful video about a young man who grew up skate boarding and what it meant to him and how he thrived. The same benefits that children get from traditional sports can be obtained with alternative activities such as Skateboarding, hiking and other activities. By the way, did you know that skateboarding has become an Olympic Sport recently?
Our non-skateboarding President Dick Bauer, thanked Sean for his interesting and inspirational presentation and let him know that a book will be donated, in his honor to the Carmichael Public Library (subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library.