For the first time in the history of the Rotary Club of Carmichael, we have a woman at the helm of our club... Vicky Boatwright! It is the "Year of Vicky", and the Carmichael Rotary Club had a Club Assembly – The ladies pictured in the photograph associated with this article are (from left to right): Phyllis Baughman, Karen Munsterman, Vicky Boatwright, Deb Thornton, Sandi Sava, Desiree Wilson, Mo Browning-McBride, Katha Danz and Jane Haaland.
President Vicky started with the announcement of the new R.I. President Mark Daniel Maloney and 5180 District Governor Ray Ward and that we will have back again (from two years ago) our esteemed and beloved Assistant Governor Desiree Wilson. She further announced that next week we will have our new District Governor Ray Ward visiting and he likes Hawaiian things, so wear Hawaiian clothing.
Then Vicky made some announcements of upcoming events which are located in the "Announcements" section of this newsletter. One important announcement is that Jane Haaland will be our "Sunshine Person" so that if anybody is sick or having difficulty, please let Jane know so she can help lift the spirits of members and family. 
President Vicky then announced her new Board and Leadership:
Vicky Boatwright
Vice-Pres/Past President
Greg Herrera
Jay Boatwright
Karen Munsterman
Doug Haaland
Club Administration
Ed Bunting
Community Service
Dick Bauer
International Service
Richard Olebe
Vocational Service
Bill Donnoe
Youth Services
George Abraham
David Thorman
Public Image
Doug Haaland
Stan Roe
Walter Malhoski
Vince Iosso
Club President
Vicky Boatwright
Club President-elect
Doug Haaland
After some in the leadership introduced themselves and said a few words about their projects, and some "pins" and other paraphernalia were given out,
President Vicky ended with the following thoughts for her year: Have Fun, have great Field trips, celebrate Birthdays, be Transparent, Engage Members, and Grow Membership!