Mark Meuser, who is a candidate for Secretary of State was introduced by Doug Haaland. Doug said that Mark was a very enterprising young man who worked many hard jobs and actually purchased his own Pizza restaurant at age 21. He studied Law, became an attorney and established his own firm. Mark won a major suit against United Air Lines and has represented disabled veterans.
Mark recently completed a marathon bike ride across California (riding an average of 100 miles a day/well over 5,000 mile) spreading the word of his belief that there needs to be a new Secretary of State (Check your November ballot).
Mark is a well-known election attorney and will speak today on the topic of California elections and election law.
Mark started his talk with a story about the California legislative election when Benicia was the Capitol for a year or so from 1853-1854. In this case, a Mr. Carpenter stole the election. There was a vote in Oakland where there were 500 registered voters, but 800 ballots were counted. Late in the day of the election some 300 ballots were cast – all in the same handwriting. The legislature would have to hold another election in 10 days – which was expensive, and Mr. Carpenter’s opponent also was guilty of fraud – but it was decided that his opponent won the election.
There will always be people who want to manipulate elections.
As an election attorney, Mark was involved in the assessment of the outcome of the Bush/Gore election in 2000 and also in 2016 when in Michigan and elsewhere, the election of Donald Trump was disputed but there was no evidence that any election machine was hacked or that Russia changed a single vote.
Mark would take his place behind the scenes of election polling places and watch over the tallying process and has high regard for the integrity of elections officials. Mark’s goal is to fight for the integrity of elections.
Our President Greg, informed Mark that a book, in honor of Mark’s presentation, would be donated to the Carmichael Library (Sacramento Public Library system).