Officer of the Year - 2018
Police Officer of the Year Presentation - Chuck McBride
Rotary Club of Carmichael
April 3, 2018
On February 23, 1905, Paul Harris, a Chicago attorney; Gustavus Loehr, a mining engineer; Silvester Schiele, a coal miner and Hiram Shorey, a merchant tailor gathered in Loehr’s office for what would become known as the first Rotary club meeting.
Harris’s desire for camaraderie among business associates brought together these four men and eventually led to an international organization of service and fellowship.
This set the framework for membership in
Rotary and formed Rotary’s historic commitment to vocational service, the second of Rotary’s five avenues of service.  Each club strives to create a microcosm of its community’s business and professional leaders and today we are comprised of 1.2 million members in 137 countries.
Vocational Service calls on Rotarians to empower others by using their unique skills and expertise to address community needs, to promote high ethical standards in all their business dealings and to recognize the worthiness of all useful occupations.
Tonight, we have the distinct honor to recognize a member of our community who epitomizes the basic concepts of vocational service and works tirelessly with the youth.
Deputy Joe Gordon moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento in 2008.  He graduated from Sac State with a BA in International Business and Marketing. Deputy Gordon is a three-year member of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and was awarded top academic honors for his academy class. He was assigned to the Sacramento Main Jail where he supervised protective custody and psychiatric inmates.  After working in custody, Deputy Gordon was assigned to the Main Jail Compliance Team where he investigated assaults inside the jail and he works with the district attorney’s office on alternative treatment programs including the Chronic Nuisance Offender Program.  Deputy Gordon also worked on the facility ADA Compliance and the Prison Rape Elimination Act.
Deputy Gordon worked patrol and has earned his current assignment with the Youth Services Unit.  Joe is involved in numerous youth outreach programs through the Sheriff’s Activities League and Sheriff’s Community Impact Program including the Youth Leadership
Academy, SHOCK Diversion Academy, Street Hockey, Read Across America, Shop with a Cop AND CSUS Law Enforcement Summer
Deputy Gordon is also a Terrorism Liaison Officer, Auxiliary Recruiter and works in the 911 Call Center.  On Thursdays, in his spare time, he finds time to wash his wife’s (Alexandria’s) car and mow the lawn.
On a personal note, Joe is married to Alexandra and they are expecting their first child. 
Joining us tonight is Joe’s wife, Alexandra and his immediate supervisor Captain Steve Ferry.   
Captain Ferry began his career in Law Enforcement in 1988 and has been assigned to most of the divisions within the Sheriff’s Department.  He has been honored with assignments such as K-9, Internal Affairs, CSI and Major Narcotics.
Captain Ferry, who will introduce Deputy Gordon and is his boss and mentor,  is a recognized expert in narcotic enforcement and has provided drug education to countless schools, concerned parent groups and professional organizations.He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and is currently the Commander of the Field Support Division.
He is a life-long resident of Sacramento and holds a strong belief in Public Service.
Sounds like Rotarian material to me!! Captain Ferry will provide us with additional information as to why Joe was chosen to receive the 2017-18 Police Officer of the Year Award.
Captain Ferry said a few words of praise and explained why Deputy Gordon deserves the honor of being Carmichael's Rotary Club Policeman of the year. He especially extolled his work in youth services in which Deputy Gordon has excelled.
Deputy Joe Gordon thanked the Rotary Club for their distinct honoring of him. On a personal note, he mentioned that his parents divorced and with no dad living at home, he did some dumb things. He attended Sac State and then got a job involving cell phone sites in the San Jose area. He kind of got dismayed with his job and got to know a policeman and liked the profession. He got a degree in business and went to the police academy and served inmates in jail and found that so much of the job is talking to people. So now he is in Youth Services and wanted to compliment the CARMICHAEL ROTARY CLUB for helping to buy the van for youth services. Joe said that the van goes all over the area doing field trips taking at risk kids to interesting places that help to educate them about the wider world. For instance the van goes to different schools where the kids get to play various sports, they have programs and talk about the dangers of the internet. Joe said that probably the most powerful place they go is to the prison where they hear the stories of the inmates.
Then there is the girl's circle from the ladies division where they have programs like basketball and they talk about cyber safety and the dangers of human trafficking. Joe says that his work is the greatest and that he knows that his job makes a difference.
Almost as an afterthought with all the great things that Deputy Gordon mentioned, President Dick informed Joe that a book will be dedicated in his name to the Carmichael library.
Deputy Joe Gordon  (Policeman of the Year) and Captain Steve Ferry 
Dick Bauer, Joe Gordon, Alexandria Gordon, Steve Ferry, Chuck McBride
 Deputy Joe Gordon and Assistant Governor Desiree Wilson, - Officer of the Year Award