We had the pleasure of meeting Moses Osoro who has a similar story to our own member, Richard Olebe, in that he was born in Africa – not Uganda but in Kenya, in very poor circumstances and then was fortunate to make his way with his wife Emily to America and to succeed and become a registered nurse. He is promoting a very interesting charity that has had success in his home country – called One Child, One Hen.
He talked about his home town of Kisuma, Kenya which is far away from major cities and have high rates of disease. Moses and Emily were the only ones in their extended family to get out. When in America, they had this dream to help those left behind. For two years they saved money, collected bottles and cans and had $1000 to build a chicken coop. Then getting maize for food and with electricity developed a hatchery, sunk wells for water, and now have groups of women, 10 to each coop – each member receives 20 eggs per day, 6 are used for members, 6 are sold, 6 for management, and 2 put back into the hatchery. Another group of 10 women will administer another coop and it will go on from there. The idea is to expand to other communities, teaching people how to make a living.
Moses would like other Clubs/Organizations to donate money (similar to what we did with our Ugandan Project). His goal is to amass $100,000 to complete the project.
A question was asked about what happens to the hens and Moses said that after 2 years of laying, they provide meat for the families.
Moses or his wife travel back to Kenya every six months – they are very dedicated to the project.
You can learn more by going to: https://onechildonehen.org/
They are hoping to have the wherewithal to complete the project within 6 months.Tim Davidson, Rotarian from the Point West Club, accompanied Moses to our Club.
President Greg thanked Moses for such an insightful presentation and as is our custom, informed Moses that a book in his name would be donated to the Carmichael Library.