Our beloved Assistant Governor, Desiree Wilson introduced our new District Governor Ray Ward, but first, on her way to introducing Ray, she thought it fitting to introduce Guest and Ray’s travel insurance person, Stacy Graham who will be the guiding light of Ray’s Rotary existence during his year. Stacy is a member of the Auburn Day Breakfast Club which is in another District. She is a Paul Harris +9, a Triple Crown Major Donor, plays in a band, is an Assistant Governor and if that is not enough, she runs an automotive repair shop. Her job is to keep Ray in line, and be, in effect, Ray’s big sister (rumor says he needs it).
Ray Ward, 5180 District Governor, is a super star, just look the video on the District’s website (It is great!) He is a Paul Harris +5, and has the Classification of Employee Benefits and is a member of the Fair Oaks Club.
Ray came to the podium and immediately announced his District’s Theme: “CONNECT & INSPIRE”.
He then dispensed of two pleasant duties of giving out two important Club Awards: “Soaring Rotarian” Award that went to Jay Sedlak and the “Quiet Rotarian” Award that went to your bulletin editor Phil Danz. Both awards were richly deserved (but then, I am a little biased).
Ray said that our Club should have a plan. It should do a “community assessment” to find out what your community think about your Club. Your Club has a product and so needs to “target” individuals who will benefit from your Club. One suggestion is to make great events that people will want to attend and be welcoming, give the prospective member social time, introduce him/her around and bond together.
Be sure to promote Rotary to members and to target prospective members. One great project was the “Rise against Hunger” accomplished before the District Conference – each box of food goes to disadvantaged student (worth $75) and will feed a child for a whole year. The District is thinking to get a “Go Fund Me” account with proceeds to go to “Rise Against Hunger”.
District Governor Ray talked about continuing the Vitalant project giving blood. Blood donation saves 12,000 human lives a day and is one of the easiest ways people can make a positive impact on the world. If younger people don't start donating, we could run out.
Go to: https://www.vitalant.org
Then he showed us a funny, professionally done lip sync video (it is on the District’s website) and is to “Don’t Worry, everything will be all right”.
You can join the lip sync contest and make a video for the District Conference and win! The District Conference is from October 25 -27, in Reno at the Peppermill – act now and get a significant discount.
To see Video, go to the District Website and look under "District Conference 2019"
As is traditional with our Club, D.G. Ray was given a SWELL cowboy hat. President Vicky took advantage of the opportunity to tell District Governor Ray about a book which will be donated in his honor to the Carmichael Library (Sacramento Public Library).