Jay Boatwright introduced a person who has become our good friend since she visited us a few weeks ago and told us about the Fair Oaks Mystery Bus Trip. Now she is back (with a few guests) to talk about the Rotary Youth Exchange program and their (Fair Oaks Rotary Club) participation.


Jay reImageported the Maggie has been married for 10 years to the love of her life, Joe.  They have 2 children and 3 grandchildren that they love to spend time with.  She has been in Fair Oaks Rotary for almost 14 years.  She is a Paul Harris x 3.  She has been on the Fair Oaks board of directors for almost 9 years as the club service chair.  She has been on the District board for RYE for 2 years, there, she found her Rotary passion. Her Rotary Classification in "Medical Billing".

Maggie then proceeded to give a very nice PowerPoint slide show of the RYE students, their activities and fun trips around the bay area and elsewhere. She said that this year the District has 12 inbound students from various countries, Italy, France, Japan, and others. And there are 12 outbound to various countries. The RYE program has been going on since 1929. Below is the District's schedule:



The students spend a 10-11 months with 2-3 host families. They are great kids, respectful and fun. The Fair Oaks Club would like our Clubs help - which can done in various ways, for instance, commit to co-hosting with Fair Oaks inbound or outbound student. This year the inbound will be from Bolivia and the outbound is Japan. Commit to finding one host family who will host the student for 2-3 months or contribute to 5 months worth of allowance to the student.

More specifically Fair Oaks is looking for a family who will host a student going to Del Campo High School from November to December of 2014.



ImageMaggie introduced Gia Perricone (left) who is the student from Fair Oaks and she is going to Japan.  Gia said that she is very excited to be picked for the trip!Image

Next Samuel Blanchard (right) was introduced who is now the incoming RYE student for Fair Oaks. He comes from Belgium. He said that he was not a stranger to the exchange program. His older brother and sister were exchange students and they came home with glowing reports about their trip. Samuel is nearing the end of his stay in the U.S. and will be going home in July. He loves to play basketball and his goal is to become a construction manager.

President Thorman thank all for their presentations and noted that in their honor, a book will be donated to the Carmichael library.