Doug Ose

Doug Ose was introduced by President Jay Boatwright. He is someone who is known to everybody, as a congressional candidate and  as past visiting Rotarian to our Club and thus really needs no introduction.

Doug greeted some of the friends that he has known in the Club and professionally - like Jay Boatwright, the Gallaways, Stan and Nan Roe. He said he has lived in the community for many years with his family, his dad is now 90 and his mom is 89. Doug said that although he is a candidate for congress, he knows "Rotary Rules" about neutrality  in politics and really wants to talk about how to make a community better and Rotary does make the community better.

Speaking of the "reach" of Rotary, Doug related a story of how, in Washington D.C., the wearing of his Rotary pin sparked the interest of a then stranger, Congressman Hobsen , who he just met coming out of an elevator and got him in touch with Newt Gingrich and helped his candidacy. (so always wear your Rotary pin!)

As a case in point, Gibson Ranch was literally closed and in dire shape a few years ago. It was leased to Doug for one dollar. He would pay expenses. If it made money, he would turn that profit back into the community. In April of 2011, he took it over, there were 27 homeless there and it was in bad shape. Since the 1st day it opened and every day since, the government has not paid one single dime to the project.

Now the cabins are rented there ($50 per night), 40 weddings occur there annually (for profit), 55 horses stalled there, a venue to do monthly yard sales (for $10). It is open every day with an annual revenue of $500,000 and 250,000 people visit there every year. They are starting to open the renting of RVs in the near future.

The point is that more government doesn't always do things well. The first year Gibson Ranch lost $120,000, second $80,000, and four months into the third year loss of $60,000.

The park is open, maintained, and has saved thousands of dollars. Doug said that there is no job he hasn't done there, and also others in his family.

President Jay thanked Doug for his informative talk and mentioned that, in his honor, a book will be dedicated to the Carmichael library which will give readers many hours of pleasure.

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Rotarians listening to Doug's talk Bulletin Editor Phil Danz, Doug Ose, President Jay Boatwright