Carmichael Improvement District - an update
We were fortunate indeed to have Rachael Taylor back to our Club, although in "virtual format", to give us an update on the Carmichael Improvement District (of which she is the Executive Director).  Last time she was just new on the job and she told us of the trauma of seeing her childhood (and parents) home destroyed in a recent California fire. She has a keen interest in seeing businesses prosper along the Fair Oaks corridor. She told us about the formation of a PBID, business improvement area - the CID, Carmichael Improvement District which encompasses Fair Oaks corridor,  El Camino to Palm, Marconi and the Carmichael Park and the Elks Lodge.
What is new is that the CID has contracted with a new security company, the California Patrol Operations, and have a six month contract with them. They provide a 12 hours per day patrol, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and after hours are available. You can call them 24/7. One of the goals now is to add more night time hours of patrol for businesses - to avoid vandalism. They clean streets along Fair Oaks Blvd five days a week, very early in the morning - still working with the pandemic going on. It looks like the amount of stuff picked up will double because of the pandemic. The PBID renewal periodically by law in 5 years on the first renewal, and Rachael says that Carmichael's upcoming renewal gives them an opportunity to make changes - Rachael says that they may expand their boundaries by 24%. She said they have banners ready to put along Fair Oaks Blvd.
The Carmichael Improvement district has a number of meetings during the month. Rachael says that perhaps the most interesting meetings are those concerned with security. A diverse group consisting of Sheriff Deputies, CHP Officers, properties owners and homeless representatives may attend. They talk about specific issues and it is good for everyone in the room. You can get information about meetings at   President David brightened Rachael's day by informing her that, in honor of her presentation, a book will be donated to the Carmichael Library (subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library).