Eleven representatives of the Carmichael Rotary Club traveled to the Rise Against Hunger warehouse in Sacramento and along with Jim Quinney, Community engagement Manager and another volunteer from the local Presbyterian Church Scott Olsen, filled over 1200 meals to be sent overseas to hungry people in crisis. Each packet consists of a nutritious rice-soy fortified meal that will serve four meals. We each took our station and weighed scooped amounts of the ingredients into clear plastic bags. We weighed, sealed and labeled them (batch number) and packed them in boxes for shipping.
There was music accompanying us and tapping out toes, and swaying to and fro, we accomplished our mission in a little over an hours time. It was fun..
Jim Quinney told us about a place in Zimbabwe where the food packets were keeping a community from starving, but that meanwhile another affiliated charity was teaching how to grow grain and sunflower plants and they evolved into becoming food independent and are now selling surplus. This is the aim of the Rise against Hunger program - not only to feed people but to help them become food independent. They believe that hunger can end by 2030 - I believe them. (below, we are getting instructions from Jim Quinney.)