Posted by Phil Danz
Sacramento Kindness Campaign (SKC)
On the 1st day of November, 2022, we were privileged to have Miriam McCormack (left above) and Sarah Thompson (right) attending our meeting. Sarah told her amazing story and how she developed the Sacramento Kindness Campaign. that now helps the homeless in innovative ways. To learn more, click on "Read More" below:
Sarah Thompson understands what it is like to be homeless. She was a victim of spousal abuse and lived in homelessness for six months. This experience spurred her on to thinking of new ideas to help those in need. She said that there was a survey conducted before COVID-19 hit that said that 1600 children were in crisis in our area. The number certainly has grown since then. Sarah says that there is a problem in getting to help needy and/or homeless families in their situations – so she decided to try a pilot project where a free room for six days is provided in a nice (Marriott) hotel is offered to families, along with food and transportation and counseling. It has been an effective program in that families have the support and space for the six days to get connected to community welfare agencies to help them.
Sarah is the Founder and Executive Director of the Sacramento Kindness Campaign (SKC), which she started in March of 2020. It’s mission is to close the gaps in services and resources for our most vulnerable community members. They do three important things: Address immediate needs (crisis management), build bridges, and foster community connections. Sarah gave a slide show which very clearly showed all of the amazing things that the SKC does. I think she is an amazing person to create such a great organization in such a short time. You can  have a complete description of her organization, all the services they offer and how to donate or volunteer at:
President Richard Olebe offered his congratulations for Sarah's great presentation and said that, in her honor, the Club will be donating a book to the Carmichael Library (subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library.