Speaking Professionally - Lois Creamer
Intro Walter Malhoski:
Our presenter today has written the book on professional speaking. Actually, she's written two books that have been Amazon bestsellers. Book More business: MAKE MONEY SPEAKING and THE SPEAKER AUTHOR: “Sell more Books and Book more Speeches”
Both books are available on Amazon as well as bookstores. She's working in the speaking industry. For 20 years and has presented at every National Speakers Association chapter in the United States multiple times as well as members of the Speakers Federation in the United Kingdom. Scotland, Australia and India. In 2021, she was awarded honorary Fellow for Professional Speakers Association England/Ireland. She's an avid reader and has a yellow lab for an intern and although she has traveled extensively over the years, today her only layover was in her in her kitchen.
Today she's going to talk about Speaking Professionally speaking: Lessons learned on the Road. She is also an almost relative of mine (Walter Malhoski) as my son married Lois’s daughter. Let's welcome Lois:
Lois thanked us for having her at our meeting (if only remotely). She mentioned that she advises and trains professional speakers. She has had many famous clients, for instance, Chicken Soup’s Jack Canfield, the author of the Sales Bible- Jeffrey Gitomer, Patricia Fripp and more.
She says that one aspect of success is to be prepared and to know what your audience wants from you. Lois is an advocate of Toastmasters – her emphasis is in sales and marketing. She says that, so far, she has had no negative experiences in her career of public speaking.
Lois told a story of how she was speaking to an audience of 298 men and one woman. The men all had their arms crossed in a defensive position. Lois walked from the podium down to a table and took the cloth napkin and immersed it in the ice water there and – so that all could see – rung the water out of the napkin and then returned to the podium and began dabbing her face and neck with the cold water. She said she was having “hot flashes” from all the testosterone from all the men. This “broke the ice” and she got along famously with her male audience for the rest of the evening.
On Q and A, she gave some advice: dress one level up from that of the audience and get to the venue early, talk to people – find out want people want from you.
President Dick Bauer gave Lois something that she appreciated: The knowledge that a book, in honor of her presentation, has been donated to the Carmichael Public Library (subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library.)
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