Jay Boatwright introduced our renowned speaker for the day, P.D.G. Bob Deering. Bob is a retired CPA. He said that both Jim Thompson and Bob Deering were District Governor in his two separate administrations as Carmichael President.
Bob’s topic today was a report on the most recent 201 “Council on Legislation” Rotary International meeting. He said that R.I. consists of 538 Districts throughout the world. They represent over 200 countries. The “Council on Legislation” next meeting will be in 2022. They produced 117 “Enactments”.
Bob told us that the meeting happened in Chicago and explained that members had different cards they held up to vote, red, blue, and call for the question. Bob went through the politics of the meeting.
“Enactments” are proposals that emanate from a Rotary Club or District. R.I.’s Regions really do work together for their concerns and is the key legislative body for Rotary -  our opinions do count! There were 37 enactments that passed. Bob took us through a few of them.
Enactment 19-22: The term of a president in a club where a successor has not been found shall serve for one additional year only (not until a successor is found).
Enactment 19-49: was about restraining the increase of membership of clubs who add membership after July 1 in a given year, so that they can have additional votes for the district’s elections. This was a concern of the Indian clubs – it passed.
Enactment 19-71: Is about a change to the constitution, requiring a 2/3 vote, that Rotaract members are voters and partners of Rotary. The proposed enactment failed but was reconsidered the next day and passed
Enactment 19-82: Increase dues, $1 per year to preserve the Reserve fund to 85% of expenses. Passed.
Enactment 19-112: Cuts non-voting members from councils, no past-president can be a voting member. This was a cost cutting measure. Passed.
Bob ended with an enactment about having R.I. as a 501c-3 corporation. It was voted that in the U.S., there is no problem with clubs to be 501c3 for tax purposes.
President Vicky proudly announced that, in honor of Bob’s most informative presentation, a book will be donated to the Carmichael Library in PDG Bob’s name by the Club.