Dr. Beverly Wesner Hoehn is a successful and eminent musician – harpist who has played with many orchestras and famous people. Today Beverly graciously came to our Club to tell us about the part that Rotary had in her success and to say “THANKS”.
So in the Rotary year of 1977-78, when Beverly was in in college, an opportunity came up. It was the Rotary Club of St. Helena which were looking to send a student (fellowship award) for study abroad. Beverly and her sister both competed for the slot – I guess that they were so impressive that both of them were chosen.
Beverly said that she went to Belgium and studied the harp, attended Rotary meetings – she said that Rotarians helped all along the way – finding a place to stay, renting a harp, and she even met the King of Belgium. She was, in effect, an ambassador of good will from America!
Beverly went on to earn her Bachelor of Music from Pacific Union College, Master’s from USC, and Doctorate in Music from Indiana University.
Beverly played a couple of pieces on her harp and they were wonderful!
It is so wonderful and inspiring to be able to see the fruits of Rotary on young people’s lives by our Rotary fellowship programs. Beverly said that without the help of Rotary in her life, she might not have had such a wonderful career.
 Beverly liked the announcement by president-elect Vicky that a book, in her honor, will be dedicated to the Carmichael library (Sacramento Public Library).
*P.S. Beverly grew up in Carmichael and lives in Carmichael.