We were fortunate to have Rick Kemmer, who, along with his wife Jeri are the founders of Strong Harvest International a non-profit 501c3 corporation which aids poor farmers in the poorest parts of the world survive and thrive.
Imagine being a poor subsistence level farmer. You get up early before dawn and work hard for a living. You live with insecurity, dependent on rain, and you want to get potable water. You want a better life for your family.
Strong Harvest International has an answer for you which will improve health, add to family income, and better the environment. It is the Moringa plant which has abundant nutritional properties and its seed will clean contaminated water by coagulation. The Moringa trees or plants grows well in the poorest regions of the world. Thus, it is easy to access the plant and use it in those regions.
Rick provided excellent brochures about this wonderful program that I have reproduced below explaining in detail Strong Harvest’s programs. It would be a good cause for Rotary to get involved with.
Rick is a Rotarian with the Lewis River Club in Battleground, Washington.
He is traveling to Rotary Clubs and Churches educating people about the great benefits of the Moringa plant.
President Greg mentioned that a book will be donated, in his honor, to our local Carmichael library.