Dwight K. Chambers

Dwight was born, raised and educated in the Bay Area, and remained there until he retired for the second time in 2001. He relocated to Sacramento for warmer weather and to be closer to his parents.  Throughout his career, he. has held senior and top level management positions in both privately held and publicly traded companies.  Dwight remains active in several companies that he consults with, is a partner in and/or owns.  He is a 32nd Degree Master Mason, Scottish Rite, is a Shriner and an Elk. He has served on the Board of Directors for several companies, again both public and private, as well as a few charitable organizations.  
Dwight says: “It was five years ago when I was blessed to discover, and to be introduced to Rotary, Point West Rotary in particular.  It is true when they say ‘Rotary changes lives’.  It has re-ignited a passion within myself for giving”. 
He minimizes his contribution stating that what he does is just a very small part of the greater whole, he has participated in, lead and/or been on numerous committees for Rotary activities.
Dwight said he was here today to talk about a new concept in Rotary, a Passport Club, that has been founded exclusively in District 5180 and is District Governor Glen Fong's idea. Dwight then introduced a bona fide member of the Passport Club, Joanne Tanner. Both, together, gave a thorough and interesting slide show presentation about the "Passport Club" (outlined below).

JoAnne Tanner

The Passport Club is an e-Club, it has no brick and mortar meeting place which does not have regular meeting, service projects, a geographical bragging rights, dual membership or weekly networking opportunities. It is sort of a "floating" Rotary Club which allows people to stay in Rotary.
It has a low dues structure with no weekly commitment, no fines, access to "My Rotary", and to Rotary Annual Giving and other RI giving avenues. The members do have access to weekly newsletters from District 5180's web site. It has access to ClubRunner and to all District 5180 training sessions. It's leadership consists of officers and 5 directors and it expects 40 hours of service annually from members.
It is a place for busy people to be in Rotary, a way of being initiated into Rotary with free access to all Clubs. It is respite for those who can not find time (temporarily) for Rotary. 
Both Dwight and JoAnne emphasized that you may be seeing people from the Passport Club attending your meetings and perhaps they will like your Club and become regular members! Treat them well.
Our president pro tem, Vince Iosso, (without his bell), mentioned that "in honor" of their (Dwight & JoAnne's) visit to our Club, a book will be given to the Carmichael Public Library.
Information on the Passport Club
 Go to:                                     http://rotary5180.org/page/passport.cub