We were fortunate today to have two representatives from the Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera Association, Kayleigh Neff, Development and Engagement Management, and Giuliano Kornberg, Chief Revenue and Development Officer, to tell us about the exiting happenings with the Philharmonic and Opera Association in this hopefully ending season of COVID. Also our creative hosts Mark Urban and Geronimo cooked up an appropriate beginning with the Looney tunes offering a cartoon show centered on "I want to kill the wabbit" by Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny "What's Opera" (above).
Because of the beautifully organized slide show about their activities, I have mostly just recreated it below. 
In the Q and A session, Giuliano mentioned that the performances probable will not get back to live audiences until the fall, but, in the meantime there are wonderful performances that you can get digitally by becoming a subscriber for $125.00 or to see a particular performance, you can, for a donation of $25. You can go to https://sacphilopera.org  for information. Tara Abraham made an interesting comment that perhaps the performances might be put into "virtual reality form" where you are surrounded by the whole audience - both Giuliano and Kaleigh thought this was a "terrific idea"! President David also put in his "terrific idea" when he announced that a book, in honor of their presentation will be donated to the Carmichael Library (subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library).