Trip to India
President Dick Bauer and A.G. Desiree Wilson hold up banner which Desiree received during her trip to India
So today we had our esteemed Assistant Governor and speaker, Desiree Wilson, who, on a moments notice came to fill in for another speaker and (talk about being totally dedicated) told us that it was her 4th Rotary meeting for the day! Desiree reported on her recent Rotary trip to India and gave a nice presentation with pictures. She heard about a trip to India to vaccinate children as part of the Polio Plus project and went for it. She went with Cal India Tours which is owned by two brothers who are Rotarians in India. 
She described what it was like to help out with giving out flyers to people about their impending vaccinations and then going to 16 different places to immunize children who are 5 years of age or younger. She explained that it is necessary to continue to immunize children even though India is polio free - due to it's proximity to Pakistan, which is not. It was a wonderful experience. She described one school that they went to that was three stories and the kids lived at the school.
After doing immunizations, she went on a short tour and showed us picture of some mosques and the Taj Mahal.
President Dick pleased Desiree by announcing that, in honor of her presentation, a book will be dedicated, in her name to the Carmichael library.