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JUNE, 2021
Master of Ceremonies Chuck McBride welcomed everyone to the beautiful North Ridge Golf Course and thanked them for venturing out after a very challenging year of Sheltering in Place due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The evening celebrated The Rotary Foundation and the support of those members who contributed to The Foundation in this most difficult year.
Vicky and Jay Boatwright were invited to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and The Thought for the Day.  Apropos of the evening’s theme, Jay shared inspiring words from the Father of the Rotary Foundation, Arch Klumph.
"The Rotary Foundation is not to build monuments of brick and stone.
we work on marble, it will perish;
If we work on brass, time will efface it. If we rear temples, they will crumble into dust;
but if we work on immortal minds....we are engraving on those tablets something that will brighten all eternity."
-Arch Klumph, Father of the Rotary Foundation, December, 1928
Chuck then introduced the District luminaries who joined us for evening’s festivities.  They included AG Leigh Ann Reinero and her hubby, Mike.  Both Rotarians in the Rotary Passport One Club.  As an added distinction, Leigh Ann was named Rotarian of the Year at the recent District Conference and Mike serves as the District Membership Chair
Also joining us was District Foundation Chair Joe Scheimer from the Rotary Club of Fair Oaks and his wife, Marie
Chuck also recognized our esteemed President Dave Thorman and Dana Newell
Next, he invited each Rotarian to stand, introduce themself and his/her guests starting with PE Dick Bauer’s table. 
With everyone being introduced, Chuck invited everyone to enjoy their dinner and some good old-fashioned fellowship. 
Calling the meeting back to order, Chuck explained that tonight we will recognize the generosity of Rotarians who made contributions The Rotary Foundation during this challenging year.  The Foundation transforms our gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. Since it was founded more than 100 years ago, the Foundation has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.
The Rotary Club of Carmichael was chartered on June 10, 1948.  During that time, we have been acknowledged for many achievements.  Most recently the Club was recognized by Rotary International as being a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club.  In addition, we have 11 benefactors, four members of the Bequest Society as well as four major donors.
Our all-time giving to The Rotary Foundation exceeds $255,619.00.
And, with the invaluable assistance of Pacific Coast Builders, The Rotary Club of Carmichael has raised more than $1.2 million for Easter Seals hosting its annual golf tournament.  A huge accomplishment and something we can all be proud of.   
District Rotary Foundation Chair Joe Scheimer was then invited to share some personal insights about the accomplishments of the District as it relates to The Rotary Foundation during this past year.
There were several Rotarians whose contributions to the Rotary Foundation moved them to the next level of recognition.  Those members included:
Bill Donnoe    PHF+1 and PHF+2
Greg Herrera  PHF+2
Davd Thorman PHF+3
Vince Iosso  PHF+7
Congratulations to those Rotarians and a BIG thank you for their generosity.
During this past year, we’ve all had time to stop and reflect on WHO and WHAT is important in our lives.  Several Rotarians realized that certain people in their lives have made and/or make a huge difference in their world and wanted to honor them in a special way.  Because they believe in the good works done by The Rotary Foundation around world, they wanted to recognize these individuals by awarding them Rotary’s highest award--a Paul Harris Fellowship. 
Those persons who were recognized are:
1.  Ramouna Roikjer         PHF   (Heine)
2.  Mike Donnoe             PHF   (Bill Donnoe)
3.  Giovanna Iosso         PHF   (Vince Iosso)
4.  Tom Hollum               PHF   (Iosso)
5.   Kyle Deller                PHF     (Walt)
6.   Maggie Creamer       PHF     (Walt)
7.   John Egan                 PHF     (Walt)
8.   Tobias Osterloh         PHF   (Dave Thorman)
Following those presentations, AG Leigh Ann was invited to share some thoughts about her year as AG for Area 5.  She ended her remarks by saying she was looking forward to working with the Carmichael Rotary Club during the 2021-22 Rotary Year as things return to normal (hopefully.)
Chuck invited District Governor Brent Hastey to assist with the next recognitions. 
Chuck explained that for the past several years, it has been the tradition of the club to donate $2,000 to the Rotary Foundation in order to honor two special members of the club for their exemplary contributions to the club.
Polling the club’s Paul Harris Fellows, they chose Karen Munsterman who serves of the club’s secretary to receive the Club award. 
President Dave selected Phil Danz to receive the Presidential award. He is now PHF+5 attaining the Ruby category.
Both recognitions were well deserved. 
Congratulations to all new Paul Harris Fellows and those who moved to the next level of recognition.
The final recognition was, indeed, very special.  It was awarded to an in
dividual who had given so much of his time, talent and resources to not only the club but to the District.
This newest recognition was awarded to PDG Jim Thompson with a PHF+8.  Unfortunately, Jim left us before we could accomplish this.  His passing will leave a huge hole in our hearts and we will miss him beyond words. 
Those Rotarians in attendance were asked for a moment of silence to honor both Jim and fellow Rotarian Amid Ahmadi who left us all too soon.
District Governor Brent and President Dave were asked to share some thoughts about this past year.
Chuck concluded the evening by thanking Ed and Jenifer Bunting for arranging for us to have our event at the North Ridge Golf Club, the Wait Staff who took such good care of us during the evening and the district luminaries who joined us and made it extra special.
Chuck ended the evening by raffling the lovely floral centerpieces to the person at each table whose birthday was closest to June 15 as we move forward.  The flowers were provided by Bettays Flowers on Fair Oaks Blvd. in Carmichael. 
He then asked everyone to stand, raise their glasses and join him in a Toast to Rotary Around the World.
What a lovely evening and how nice it was to see everyone again.
The Gathering
above left: Heine gives PHF to Ramouna Roikjer ; right Foundation Club Chair Chuck McBride, District Foundation Chair Joe Scheimer, Vince Iosso
above left: Walter Malhoski showing PHF's for Kyle Deller, Maggie Creamer,
and John Egan , right: Pres. David Thorman show PHF for his grandson, Tobias Osterloh
 above right: Vince Iosso shows PHF for his recipient Tom Hollum left: Bill Donnoe shows PHF for his son, Mike Donnoe, 
left above: D.G. Brent Hastey sneaks into the meeting but can't help getting a round of applause.
right: Brent with Phil Danz (middle) who receives his 5 PHF from Pres. David Thorman
Left above: D.G. Brent Hastey, Co-chair host Mo Browning-McBride, Co-chair Host Chuck McBride, Pres. David Thorman.
right: Mike and  A.G. Leigh-Ann Reinero
I must apologize to Karen Munsterman in that something went wrong with my iphone.
I did not get a picture of her receiving the great honor of a PHF given to her the from the Club.
Addedum: An Obituary for our beloved District Governor Jim Thompson has been sent to me from Dick Bauer. Please follow this link:
Donations as of 6-15-2021
During the incumbency of  President David Thorman(2013-14) it was decided that instead of giving a particular gift, ie coffee mug, pen etc. to honor our guest speaker each week, we would simply donate a book to the Carmichael Library. So below are many of the books that we have donated in honor of recent speakers.
It is the "gift that keeps of giving" because those who will check out these books from the library will derive many hours of pleasure for years to come, and it enhances learning and literacy. The books are chosen by Berta Boegel, Branch Supervisor, Carmichael Library, subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library
Due to the quantity of books donated as of 1-5-2021 (PASSING 300), I have noted only the last 20 or so. The prior tabulations of books donated have been archived and will be in the memory of the Carmichael Club in Club Runner.
"The Low Desert"Tod Goldberg
"The Genome Odyssey"Euan Angus Ashley, M.D.,Ph.D.
"What Unites Us"Dan Rather
"Lightning Game" Christine Feehan
"Snake Island"Ben Hobson
"Hidden in Plain Sight"Jeffrey Archer
"Two Truths and Lie"Elen McGarrahan
JIM NEILSONHenry Kissinger & American Power
Thomas Schwartz
"How I Built This"Guy Raz
"Elsewhere"Dean Koontz
"Only Truth"Julie Cameron
"The Connected Parent"John Palfrey & Urs Gasser
"Grand, a Memoir"Sarah Schaefer
"The Truth is Marching On"Jon Meacham
"Serial Griller"Matt Moore
"Grasp"Sanjay Sarma
HOLLY HAIGHT, M.D."Get Your Yoga on"
Kino Macgregor
LYNETTE ANDERSON"Decoding the World"
Po Bronson
Arvind Gupta
"Accountable: The Rise of
Citizen Capitalism" 
Michael O'Leary
Warren Valdmannis
"The Character Edge: Leading
and winning with Integrity"
Robert L. Caslen
Dr. Mitchell A. Matthews
"The Religious Causes, the case for
separating Church and State"
Howard Gillman
Edward Chemerinky"
"What Can I Do? My path from
climate despair to action"
Jane Fonda
"The Future of Earth: A radical vision for
what's possible in the age of warming"
Eric Holthaus
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