Effie Yeaw Nature Trail Sign Project

It was the right date and time for the finale of the Trail Sign project because it was National Volunteers Day (October 24th) and the month was October which is Rotary's Community Building Month - so the stars were aligned for a very successful project, which it was, digging holes (2 & 1/2 ft deep) in the hard pan of the various trails and planting 14 new directional signs. 
We had 16 volunteers and split up into 7 groups of two (two extras at large to give help where needed) and each group dug two holes and planted two signs. In about two hours of pretty hard work, the mission was accomplished. See picture (left above).


Dick Bauer was the chairperson of the event and it went flawlessly, from the assembling of signs a week ago to the event itself. Dick had everything ready and organized. 
Those heroes who participated in the project were: Chuck (Digger) McBride, David Thorman, Jay Boatwright, Jeff Thompson, Ken Saunders, Mark & Carol Beil, Chairman Dick Bauer (Keri Bauer was the official photographer, Stan Roe, Tim Marquess, Walter Malhoski Steve Girard, Garry Yee (all the way from Hawaii), Matt & Evam Ormond. 
Some pics of the event are below.
Photos above (left) the whole gang (including 
naturalists Paul Tebbel and Rachael Cowan.
(Left) Those who assembled the signs at Jim 
Thompson's home the week before the event.