Getting to Know Him - Bill Baxter
Today, we got to know a little more about long time member of our Club, esteemed member:
William (Bill) Baxter
Like some other members, Bill's family history goes way back in California - perhaps further than any other.
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In his own words.....
My Great Grandfather, John Baxter a Canadian was determined to visit California. After a long and vigorous journey from Canada.., he ended up in Independence, Ca in the late 1860’s This rigorous journey was all about seeing and witnessing Palm trees and the famous California warm weather.  With hard work great grandpa become a cattle rancher and farmer.., plus he also raised  bees for Honey (*Grandpa could never get a palm tree to survive the harsh Owens Valley winters). The Baxter Honey Co which grandpa founded is still operating today in Independence and is managed by my cousin David Baxter. My Grandfather, (John too) graduated from Cal (Class of 1901) and became the desert dentist taking care of all the people and miners  in the Owen Valley where he lived all his life.   In 1950 Mom, Dad, my two older brothers and I left the Owens Valley and moved to Carmichael where my Dad worked for the State of Cal public health  and  my mom became a long time Carmichael kindergarten  teacher.   I Attended Carmichael Grammar school, San Juan HS and graduated from Sac State (class 1963) with degrees in Econ/Finance. I soon Joined the Sacramento office of Dean Witter & Co on 8th and J and spent the next 46 years in Sacramento/Roseville as a stockbroker retiring in 2011 from Morgan Stanley.
With the encouragement of Carmichael Rotarian and attorney, Jack Shearer. I  joined Carmichael Rotary Club in 1968 and was elected President four years later in 1972. The Carmichael Rotary Club was 45 members strong in those day representing most of the businesses and professions in Carmichael. The membership was much younger with a hard partying and drinking spirit plus there weren’t many Club projects in those days. Carmichael Rotary was purely a social Club.  Nobody drank wine, they all (me too) drank hard bar stuff.  I’ve been a member of our Club for the past 54 years and made many, many life long friends. Unfortunately, many of these great friends are now long gone.    
Been married to my wife Kathy for 42 years and live in Fair Oaks. We have two grown children, Meghan and Brenda plus three grandkids. Meghan, husband Wes and grandkids live in Fair Oaks too so we see them often. Daughter, Brenda attended graduate school at Vanderbilt University after graduating from UCSB and is now a nurse practitioner and partner in a Nashville endocrinology practice where she specialized in treating diabetes patents. She’s married to a local attorney and Nashville boy (Matt).. they both enjoy traveling and their careers.  My hobbies are (were) duck hunting, fly fishing and spear fishing in the Baja. I Met my long time friend and fellow Rotarian, Alan Gallaway on a diving adventure to Catalina Island in 1968. Alan had an airplane and I was proficient in ocean spearfishing. With that combination, we pioneered and traveled “The Baja” long before most people ever heard of it. Both Alan and I could do a whole program on those wild adventures.. My past 82 years have been a great adventure too and  I’m looking forward to more..
“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but to slide in sideways, totally worn out – SHOUTING Holy Shit, what a ride!!”