Getting to Know Him - Ed Bunting
Today we had a treat because long standing, esteemed, past president of our Club
Ed Bunting
 told us about the unusual and interesting story of his life. If you would also know about him, click on "Read More" below:
I was Born 1954 to Lois and Gene Bunting in Pasadena, Ca. Mom was a farm girl from Wisconsin and dad was born and raised in Pasadena. I have 4 younger sisters.
My mom was a housewife and dad was a Jack of all Trades, Under cover narcotic officer LA, Engineer at Jet Propulsion Lab, TV and movie extra( Rin tin tin) and was part of a Wild West show at Knox Berry Farm were he did quick draw and shooting accuracy and used a 16 foot bullwhip to cut cards, newspaper, vegetables held by assistances, put out flames on candles and cut the burning end off a cigarette being held in his assistants mouth.  FYI, my dad used to pull the bullwhip out at parties and get togethers for years later until one day 10 years later he missed and hit my hand.
I Moved to Wisconsin at age 7, worked on grandpa’s farm, hunted, fished and started my passion for horses.
I Moved to Rochester Minnesota at age 11.  My dad started a tv show Doodles the Clown that was watched by all kids in 4 states Monday thru Friday.  I started playing Hockey, worked on a farm next door to earn money to fund my buying, feeding and training Quarter Horses.  I competed in Gymkhana events, rodeo ( bucking bronc and team roping with my dad) played football and swam.
One Summer before my Junior year in High School, my dad says, We are moving to California.  We ended up in Idyllwild and I finished High School in Hemet which was down the mountain.  I couldn’t play hockey anymore and switched to basketball.  My junior year I was 5ft 2 inches and weighed about 115 lbs soak and wet. I made the B team as a bench sitter that year and that summer I grew 6 inches.  I did track my Junior year were I set the school pole-vault record and broke 2 minutes in the 880.  My senior year at 5 ft 8 inches I made the varsity basketball team as the 6th man. During my junior year at age 15 on Thanksgiving day my dad sent my mom and all kids to store for items he needed for dinner.  When we got back he was gone and I wouldn’t see my dad for over 25 yrs. I became not only big brother to my 4 younger sisters, but also the father figure. My mom waitressed to pay the bills and went to college to get her nursing degree the same year I started college.  I graduated high school in 1972, that summer grew 6 more inches to 6 ft 2 inches and went on to play basketball in college at Mt San Jacinto College and SDSU.  I played a few years of minor league basketball after college.
At SDSU I got a job at a new Marie Calendar's that was just built, within days I was promoted to manager and baker.  That was the start of my career in the restaurant industry.  I met Patti at Marie Calendar's and married and we have 2 amazing kids Jeremy and Candice. Patti and I divorced in 2001.
At age 44 I decided a career change was necessary. I had a good friend in SD that was a financial advisor, spent 2 days with him, applied and started my career at Prudential Financial met my good friend and mentor Bill Baxter, soon after Bill and I joined Tom Sullivan and after Tom syndicated his radio show and Bill retired, Brad Sullivan joined me in a partnership that has lasted for years as Sullivan Wealth Management Group.
Bill started me in Carmichael Rotary and there I met my future father in law Don Wangberg.  Jenny and I started dating in March 2015, fell in love, married on December 26th 2015.  We have had 6 amazing years together and look forward to 40 more.
We have 4 kids together, Jeremy, Candice, Lauren and Megan.  Three son in laws Shane, Luke and Rob and one daughter in law Jenny.  We have 2 beautiful grandkids Elizabeth (turns 6 on 28th) and Craig 3.  A week ago we got great news that 2 more grandkids are on their way.
I have been passionate about sports, Basketball, tennis, backpacked most of North America, martial arts, skiing, mountain climbing, Tri Athlons, tough mudders, spartan races to name a few, and of course golf.
My other passions are giving back, board member on multiple charities and helped build Bayside Church and ,of course, Rotary.
My greatest pride is being husband, father and grandpa.
I left out most of the thrill seeking stuff mostly because its unbelievable, unbelievable I’m still here.  I’m not a thrill seeker anymore!