Getting to Know Him - Frank Pease
Esteemed member Frank Pease "tells all" about his life at our February 22, 2022 meeting. See "read more for details"...
Getting to Know Him - Frank Pease
My grandparents moved to Sacramento in 1900, they had 13 kids , my mom was the youngest. we lived across the street from my grandparents most of my young life - 2 blocks from Campbell Soup on 42 Ave.
My mom worked at Campbell Soup as a factory accountant
At 13 I mowed lawns with a push mower FUN, to earn money along with other yard work kids did at that age.
During High School I had  several jobs, hamburger stand, breakfast waffle house , washing dishes at another restaurant. while going to McClatchy high school 
one  INTERESTING job experience I had while in High School was my friend and I went down to old Sacramento and jumped on a truck to go out to the fields to hoe sugar beets. the interesting part was when the field workers jumped out of the truck fast and grabbed the hoe’s, we didn’t understand the rush, later in the day we figured it out , they left the short handle  hoe’s behind. the next day we jumped out of the truck faster.
One month after graduation I signed up for the Navy
My home base was Pearl Harbor, at the Submarine base, I was stationed on a sub rescue ship next to conventional subs, my ship had a diving bell, decompression chambers and hard hat divers. our main job was dropping the diving bell on to the subs for rescue.
Three out of the 4 years of service, I lived a couple  blocks from Waikiki Beach with  some buddies and spent our off time surfing and enjoying the island.
One year was overseas, some of the country we went to were the Philippines, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul Korea, to name a few.
1966, my active service was over But I had 2 years of reserve.
ON discharge, my mom and dad picked me up from Travis AFB, and told me don’t relax you start work at 6;00 am in the morning at  Campbell Soup, (.) MORE FUN))) my first job there was sticking labels on boxes ( yes before modernization ), 2nd  job there was a slider  operator third job was shoveling vegetables into large cans and role them to the cooker. and 4th was a forklift driver.
After Campbells, I work at Signal Depot   repairing radio equipment that was shot up in Vietnam
 I enrolled at Sac City College , my major was Computer Programing/ writing code on IBM cards.  
MY jobs while going to college was a Collector at RCA collecting Bank of America credit card debt. NOW  called TransUnion, also worked at a shirt shop, selling shirts, pants to pay for college along with the GI bill.
I graduated with a AA.
Next job was  at Ford Motor Credit,,  I was hired as  a repo agent,  you didn’t pay for your Ford I picked it up. Sometimes I was chased off and had to call a Professional repo company who had more guts than me.
I did that for awhile , and moved up to Collections, and from that to credit manager.
Later I started work at Von Housen Motors as a salesman, while working there a customer came in that was a Real Estate broker, He was involved in Partnerships, exchanging properties  and land development.
I told him how I would love to learn Real Estate business, so He offered to let me follow him around on my days off and learn the business.
Jimmy and his family became good friends of mine and he mentored me in the real estate business over the years.
I left Von Housen Motors
Opened my Real Estate company, adding employees to help with  land rezone,  purchase and rehab of several types of commercial properties, mostly in and out of Sacramento.
Later moved into property management, the managing of  apartment buildings for clients, and Development of strip centers.
2013 retired, now manage family property.
Married in 1989 divorced in 2013
We moved from the house I built In 1980, which was close to Jesuit high school, the year my daughter was born in 1990.
I moved to a home in Carmichael on a acre on hi/lo lane off of Van Alstine ave, we loved the country feel.
In 2004 I built a new home on that property and lived there until 2014.
My daughter Chelsey was born in 1990 after High school she went to Sac State and received her, Nursing degree,  she is a neo-natel nurse at Kaiser, in Roseville,
My son was born in 1993,  He also went to Sac state and received his  Business degree and works for CSTRS, as a pension analyst.
Both of my Children graduated from Victory Christian School high school in Carmichael.
I sold my home in 2014
I met Michele in 2014, she had just sold her Public Relations Company to a bay area firm.
We both wanted to travel, so we went a little crazy before Covid from 2014 to 2019 , traveling to Mexico, South America, Central America, Tahiti, Europe, Alaska, Hawaii. China and several cruises and many vacations in the U.S. in eluding Washington D.C.
2015-17  I looked for a new home and in 2016 , purchased a lot in the new home development and moved in 2017 off of Fair Oaks Blvd. Called Palisades Sierra Oaks Lane.                                 
I have 2 amazing grandkids Oliver, who is 2.5 years old and Miles, who is 5 months old
In 2020, I joined Rotary of Carmichael
I have several Charities I believe in, Sacramento Sheriff’s activities league, Children’s Home , Salvation Army, Fireman’s boot fund, and the Red Cross.  - The end.