Getting to Know Him - Greg Hererra
Dr. Greg Hererra, aka Geronimo, has let the cat out of the bag, regarding his remarkable life story, his philosophy of life, and other matters. If you are interested in learning more, click "Read More" at the bottom of this page.
                “You never know where you are going until you get there”
              1946 Joan Leslie film Cinderella Jones // Sylvester the cat, Loony Tunes //  film “Overlord” 
       "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."
                                            Lewis Carroll Quotes
I feel a little cheeky regarding bios (mine), yet “me” is one of my favorite subjects.
(Here I have provided a folksy abbreviated bio. from the cover page of my CV).
Hope this is useful in some way.
I am a native Sacramento Boy.  I started out as a baby born at Sutter Memorial Hospital in 1948. I am a baby boomer raised in the Arden-Arcade area track houses.  I went to a variety of grammar schools (because district boundaries were changing) including Arden Church, Winterstein, Greer, Edison, and Jonas Salk for “junior high.” It seemed that in grade school, I was always “the new kid” in school and was accordingly forced to develop "social skills" to cope with this. Encina High School was my high school. It is interesting that all of these schools are now serving different educational needs. 
My father owned a salvage business (used machinery and equipment) where I learned welding, mechanical skills, and built my first motorcycle at age 15.  My mother was a stay at home “supermom” and would help Dad with secretarial work at the business.  My younger sister is still a best friend.
After school and weekends were spent working at dad’s shop.  Summers were spent working in construction (Arcade Water District), the salvage business, and working in warehouses in the then “embarcadero” or what is now called “Old Sacramento.”  Have to say: It was quite the street education working on skid row Sacramento.
I went to American River College (then American River Junior College), followed by UC Davis, Graduate School in Marine Biology, and worked as a
Marine biologist at the Bodega Bay Marine Lab.
I am happy that along the way I merged my passion for the ocean with surfing and SCUBA diving. With the Bodega Bay Lab I became a Technical Diving Instructor and I earned a “Master Diver” certificate. Much of my time in the “middle years” was spent Trout fishing, backpacking, surfing, diving, waterskiing, baseball, and Martial Arts (I have black belts in both Judo and Kenpo Karate). Drinking and hanging out with friends was involved.
It was at Bodega Bay when I looked into a career change (to find myself and find more adventure). One bleak North Coast winter I applied to the California Highway Patrol, the State Fish and Game and Medical Schools.  Because my eyes were not 20/20 the HWY Patrol rejected me, Fish and game wanted me to be a research biologist (and I was already doing that)…so it was off to medical school at UCLA.  Medicine proved to be a good fit for me…I had finally settled into “my calling.”  After delivering my first baby, I was hooked into Women’s Health care. OG-GYN, Surgery training, residency and a teaching fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynecology followed at the University of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh was a sophisticated and reformed steel town in the 1970’s.  I became an avid lifelong Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates fan. I even spoke fluent “Pittsburghese”…. “Squeet, gum band, citi chicken, worsh, jag off, downtown, chipped chopped ham, etc.”
I started with Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento 1980, and retired from Kaiser Permanente after nearly 35 years of practice…I have delivered well over 2000 babies (I stopped counting at 2000).  As medicine was in fact my calling, I miss the daily practice of medicine, my patients and their families, and my professional colleagues, but I certainly enjoy all the new found time with my family and friends. Retirement is my new road, yet in retirement I am able to teach medicine, mentor medical students and residents, and treat patients Saturdays at Clinica Tepati in downtown Sacramento.  

I am married to Sarah Stoltz (also a retired OB-GYN) for over 31 years now,
My “ kids" (Alicia, Dan, and Stephen) are ages 44, 42, 31. Oscar and Dean are my two grandkids (now 6 and 9). For the last twenty-five years I have spent considerable time in Hawaii, and fishing in Montana. Many animals have graced my life and Sparky the dog and Bert the cat currently let me live with them.  
I am privileged to have been loved by my parents, and have a loving relationship with my sister.  I have been lucky and grateful to have had relationships, many friends, and acquaintances along the way.
I enjoy the Carmichael Rotary Club and was chairman of their crab feed, and was a past president 2018.
Personal and Family Philosophy:
Embrace the experience of being alive, and live your life with insight and responsibility.
People are looking for the meaning of life and yet they can find this meaning by simply embracing the experience of being alive.
      Joseph Campbell 

Recognize that insight and responsibility are connected and should  
guide behavior.  Once we are given insight into a situation, we have an obligation to behave responsibly and use that insight for the benefit and goodwill of those around us.
Cognitive dissonance (or living a lie) is a consequence of denying our insight. When we turn away from our clear view of reality, we risk slipping into a cold gray existence to live a life of just getting by.
     Greg Herrera 
Having a near death experience or two can revive or sharpen ones meaning of life and the value of being alive.  The trick is to survive them.
    Greg Herrera