During the incumbency of  President David Thorman,(2013-14) it was decided that instead of giving a particular gift, ie coffee mug, pen etc. to honor our guest speaker each week, we would simply donate a book to the Carmichael Library. So below are many of the books that we have donated in honor of recent speakers.
It is the "gift that keeps of giving" because those who will check out these books from the library will derive many hours of pleasure for years to come, and it enhances learning and literacy. The books are chosen by Greg Freeman, Branch Supervisor, Carmichael Library, subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library
Over the past eight years, nearly 500 books have been donated to the Carmichael Public Library. We show only the latest donated books with the names of the Guest Speakers.
LATEST BOOK DONATIONS - as of 4-15-2022  
Tien Ho"Freedom: How to Lose it and How We Fight Back"
Nathan Law with
Evan Fowler
Joe Pick"Walking Miracle: How Faith, Positive Thinking, and Passion for Football Brought me back from Paralysis - And Helped Me Find Purpose"
Ryan Shazier &
Larry Platt
Joel Carrion"Montessori for Every Family: A Practical Parenting Guide to Living, Loving and Learning"
Tom Seldin &
Loma McGrath
Richard Olson"The Impossible Art: Adventures in Opera"Matthew Aucorn
Linda Cutler"Longshot: the inside story of the race for a COVID-19 vaccine."David Heath
Alan Gallaway"Trauma and Transformation in an American Prison"Chris Hedges
Lois Creamer"Floating in the Deep End: how caregivers can see beyond Alzheamer's"Patti Davis
Rebecca Evans"Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the wisdom of the forest."Suzanne Simard
John Chuck, M.D."Empower: Conquering the Disease of Fear"Tareq Azim, Seth Davis
 "The Unbroken Thread" Discovering the age of chaos.Sohrab Ahmari
Aprngil Javist"The Last Nomad" Coming of Age in a Somali DesertShjugri Said Salh
Larry Schluer"Ordinary Heros" A memoir of 9-11Joseph Pfeifer
Habib Rahim
"Every Deep Drawn Breath" A critical care doctor on healing, recovery,
and transforming of medicine in the ICU. 
Wes Ely, M.D.
Victoria Wolfe"The Correspondents" Six women writers on the front lines of WW II..Judith Macrell