Neel Hasan - our Rotary Youth Exchange Student
Hey all,
Just as I was about to reply to one of my brother's/best friend's mom, I figured you guys should also receive some pictures straight from Viking Denmark.
Here's some context for them (assuming they're in order).
Pic 1) With Simone and Sigurd, my Danish siblings in the third family. They've been pretty welcoming siblings, being kind and occasionally irritating, the latter showing how sibling-like they are.
2) This was with my Danish class
when we were in Barcelona, Spain.
We were there for 4 days, and it was
insane, stories to be shared later.
3) My third family and I discussed me going into a freezing, Scandinavian sea...because why not? They call it the Viking test, so of course I had to do it. Still need to find a Viking name.
4) This is with my second Danish family, on the day we parted ways, me moving to the third family. Awesome, loud, and odd people. They helped me so much with Danish and expressing myself better.
5) This was a huge group photo with
all of my Danish families, counselor,
and extras. My mom (from
California) took it.
6) The town I'm living in decided to
include me in the local newspaper. It
was just an article about my
experiences. It's flattering to be
kinda-sorta-not really famous.
7) This is my mate Franco from Lima, Peru. He invited dozens of people to his birthday party, and we took a photo together. He's been a huge influence in my life in Denmark, through all of the great and crappy moments. 
8) The girl in the this pic, Ida, and I went to the school's gala party together. We had to do a formal Danish dance with fancy clothes. Considering it's Denmark though, most of the kids were wasted from vodka shots and beer pong, so the performances were a bit stumbled.
All right, so this was a recap that doesn't do justice to the range of adventures I've had here. Nonetheless, I hope this tidbit was interesting for all of you.
Take care fellas,