Our speaker today was John Chuck, M.D. speaking on how to find inner peace in a chaotic world. Click on "Read More" below for more details.....

We were very fortunate today to have John Chuck, M.D. to talk about a profound subject that is near and dear to all of us, how to cope with ourselves in this crazy world or, more aptly put: External Mayhem; Inner Peace; Cultivating Core Contentment in a Chaotic World.

John has practiced as a family physician for many years, affiliated with Kaiser, and has written a book “Pearls from the Practice of Life” to which Amazon gives a five-star rating.

John says that everybody struggles with man’s predicament with morbidity and their mortality – he/she is subject to profound suffering throughout life. The resolution is to develop a state of gratitude. John mentions that a study was conducted that asked people to write down three things that they are grateful for, for 21 day (not just repeating the same three things), and result was that these people became significantly happier than a placebo group.

Becoming more mindful and fully present in the moment and not distracted, living without judgements is a good goal in life.

Happiness comes in our relationships, people are happier and do better with a good relationship with your friends, with yourself emotionally, and with some spirituality in life. Really, all anyone has of real value, is their relationships.

John says that if you are waiting for a perfect world to happen in order to be happy, think again, There will always be suffering and destruction, you cannot control it – the better idea is to choose hope for yourself. Choose an attitude of confidence and not waste a single day.

A wonderful graphic was sent to me by Dick Bauer that superbly illustrates man’s ability to choose a negative or positive attitude in life:

President Bauer impressed Dr. Chuck by mentioning that a book will be donated and dedicated, in honor of his lecture, to the Carmichael Public Library (subsidiary of the Sacramento Public Library). More photo's below:

Above left: Dr. John Chuck is presented with a book about Carmichael;
Above right is a picture of the cover of his new book, "Pearls from the Practice of Life.
Above left: Dana Newell of Safe Credit Union and John Chuck
Above right: three Kaiser Doctors : Dick Bauer; Walter Malhoski, John Chuck