We are honored to have the Polio Plus chairperson for District 5180, Tom Cicchini with us today. Tom has a 30+ years’ experience with Raymond James Financial Services, CA.
He operates his business busing the dba Beacon Wealth Strategies, LTD.
Tom has a long-distinguished record of service with Rotary and is currently a member of the Rotary Club of Point West.
Tom presented a detailed slide show with some interesting comparisons between COVID-19 and the Poliovirus, and then about polio plus, history, money spent and the various District Goals and fund-raising events.
COVID -19 and Polio's similarities and differences:
Both generate fear and suspicion. Both kill by interfering with respiration, have many asymptomatic cases and have the ability to mutate.
The Polio virus is exclusively a human virus going back thousands of years and spread only by humans. COVID-19 can spread from humans to animals by respiratory drops while the Polio virus is an intestinal virus. Paralytic polio affect primarily children and adolescents while COVID-19 primarily affects older adults and those with debilitating underlying conditions.
What we learned from Polio is the need for prevention and the Holy Trinity, the need to create effective, long-lasting vaccines, global cooperation (funding research and communication), and a network to disseminate information.
There was a task force created in 12/2020, creating awareness with Club volunteers, a Rotary and Vaccine cold chain, a worldwide effort to address the pandemic. Helping with logistics which are complex, storage and transportation, a seamless cold change needing equipment, personnel and processes. Tom provided in slides below some interesting facts about Polio...
So above, Tom showed us how we can contribute to the District's 2021-2022 goal for Polio Plus and get a certificate and a pin, just by giving $100 and committing to continue donating until Polio's goal of eradication is finished. So why wouldn't we donate? Below are slides depicting the various fund raisers in which you can participate.