Posted by Phil Danz
Potential Sites Reservoir - Aaron Ferguson
Attorney Aaron Ferguson, who just happens to be the son-in-law of Stan and Nan Roe, brought us exiting news about a new reservoir which is proposed  to be constructed in Northern California in the next 10 years. To me, this is exciting and positive stuff because of the lack of water in California. Aaron gave a detailed overview of the project. See "Read More" below for more information.
The reservoir will be located in the Tehama-Colusa Canal area and water will be diverted from the Sacramento Area. The presentation was quite technical so that I have just reproduced some slides and explanations as below:
As you can see, the reservoir will have the potential to bring significant water to our poor draught prone state - only thing is that we will have to wait 10 years (until 2030 or so) to get it. Stan should certainly be proud of the work his son-in-law, Aaron is doing to help us with our water problem.
left: Stan Roe and son-in-law Aaron Ferguson (2nd and 3rd right) and right: Heine and Bjork Roikjer (2nd and 3rd right)