Coach Joe Potulny & Pres. Thorman

Joe Potulny went to Jesuit High School a long time ago and has never left, except for college, and a short time pursuing other careers that he really did not want to do. He has spent the last 25 years as a (famous) Baseball Coach and teacher at Jesuit.

The tradition of having his baseball team help out at charity events first happened when the idea came, that the students needed to do some Christian service, and the freshman started to wait tables at events for free, and later for tips. Later the volunteers were juniors and seniors and that worked out well. The crab feed dynamic was good, and the tips have helped out enormously, by helping to buy extra things, like second uniforms and equipment.

Now you might have noticed that Jesuit is building a new chapel near the corner of Fair Oaks and Jacob. It is now under construction. Jesuit High School is located at 1200 Jacob Lane in Carmichael.

Joe showed us an interesting film about the construction of the original Jesuit High School in 1962. It was built on 44 original acres. Back then there wasn't much but hop kilns in the area. It opened on September 1, 1963. It started with around 100 students, had it's first graduating class in 1967, and now has about 1000 students, all boys.

Joe said that the students can be all religions - the have students who are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and with this diversity there develops a great camaraderie for all the boys. The boys get great grades and are diligent good kids. The School reinforces how to treat people fairly - a dimension that is missing in many places now-a-days. 98% go on to college.

Joe said he is spoiled to be where he is, in such a great job!

Answering a question Joe said that some of the talented baseball players that Jesuit has produced are Jerry Nielson, Mike Rose, J.P. Howell, and one who just signed with the Dodgers, Lars Anderson.


Joe gets surprised with Paul Harris Award from PDG Jim Thompson

Now there was a surprise for Joe Potulny. We invited him to our Club to give a talk about Jesuit High School ( and it was a great talk) but there was an ulterior motive.

The Club wanted to award a Paul Harris Fellow ($1000 donation to Rotary International) to Joe for all the wonderful things he has done over the years with his students at our crab feeds. Moreover also for what a pillar he has been in the community as a coach and teacher.

I believe that Joe was genuinely surprised and pleased. Congratulations!

Jim turned his attention to another Paul Harris Award that it is his privilege to grant to one of our members. 


Jay gets "pinned" with Paul Harris
from wife

He said that this member had been President of the Club on two different occasions and has served Rotary unfailingly over the years.

In fact, said Jim, the term "Rotarian" can be spelled another way "B-o-a-t-w-r-i-g-h-t. The award goes to Jay Boatwright.

Congratulations and well deserved Jay!


Now attention was given to all the Paul Harris Fellows who were in the room.

A photograph of them is below:


 All Paul Harris Fellows in our Club including also our newest Joe Potulny